GamesRadar - Battlefield 3 multiplayer, co-op and campaign preview

GamesRadar - One thing is clear, Battlefield 3 wants Modern Warfare’s crown, bad. Their latest trailer and ad campaign is entitled “Above and Beyond the Call”, and their free Battlelog service is clearly a direct competitor to MW3’s paid Elite service. With the game only a few weeks away, we attended a full day event and played a chunk of the campaign, the co-op and, of course, the multiplayer.

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venom062537d ago

SP will be great... but MP is where this beautiful game will shine!! MW3 take some notes on how to do an AWESOME MP experience... BF3 FTW!!

Hufandpuf2537d ago

Base jumping in multiplayer confirmed.

GrumpyVeteran2537d ago

Disappointed in its leaning towards BC2 esque rather than BF2.

Shackdaddy8362536d ago

Well, you've only played metro(if you played the console beta). And I've heard that it's the smallest type of map available. Once you play Caspian or Oil Fields, you will feel that BF magic.