Having Faith in Your Games

GameSpot - Are games a sophisticated enough form of artistic expression to spark a serious and mature discussion around a topic as complex and ancient as personal faith?

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Chaostar2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"The things is. Science explains a lot of things. It is methodical and is constantly improving upon itself. It makes logical conclusions from empirical evidence to figure out how our world works. However, the explanations for our universe found in religions really have no basis other than heresay. In fact, we have many scientific discoveries that completely contradict what what religions state happened such as the adam and eve story. Many of the stories found in religious books are just stories to me and frankly, i don't see a whole lot of reason to treat them any differently."

Couldn't have said it better myself, however I do believe that these religious stories should still be considered a well of inspiration. On the other hand, I'm strongly against any particular religion using the medium of video games to 'indoctrinate' new members of their belief system. In fact, I consider pushing religious views onto the younger generation a form of child abuse (read:

The one thing religion and video games do share in common is an antiquated and misguided system of morals (see any GTA game and Deuteronomy 13, which instructs believers to kill any friend or family member who favours serving other gods).

OK, realise I may have said too much, just my POV, don't flame me down. Love thy gamer ;)

edit: Ever notice how a top ten list or sales chart will get approved in 5 mins with 100 degrees but a well written article on a relevant and mature subject matter sits in the wings with 0 degrees?