The Last Story gets an Australian rating

With no warning, the Australian Classification Board comes out and gives a rating to the second of the three Operation Rainfall games.

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Abriael2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Nothing new here. We already knew the last story was coming in the EMEA territories in 2012, which includes Austrailia.

Spenok2326d ago

Yep, too bad they still haven't said anything about us territory.

Abriael2326d ago

Yeah, but Australia says nothing about the US, so a rating in australia, that is part of the previously anounced EMEA territories, is not news.

Spenok2325d ago

Which is why I agreed with you in the first place lol.

Abriael2325d ago

meh, sorry, commenting at 8 am after no sleep doesn't help :P

Spenok2325d ago

Lol i feel ya man. Then again i havent stayed up that late in a good while. Damned work and all :/

Kain812327d ago

i dont have a Wii but bought Xenoblade... and The Last Story, Pandoras tower and Zelda Skyward Sword will fallow...I hope to play them next year with the WiiU...

Venox20082327d ago

yes, good games are good games, no matter on what you play..

pcz2327d ago

i will most likely get Padoras tower also, but didnt it get average scores?

Crystallis2327d ago

I have a feeling NIN will put most if not all those hot titles on the WiiU in North America.

PooEgg2327d ago

Although I want to play these games, it would piss me off if they put them out on the WiiU instead of the Wii in North America. I have not had a single game that I want to play on the Wii come out in ages, and when they finally get a couple that I actually want to play they screw around and don't release them in North America. This is not a way to win my support for their next console. The sad thing is that I was really interested in a WiiU until I heard that Nintendo was not planning Xenoblade and The Last Story for North American release (on Wii). Just because gamers in the USA didn't eat up all the shovelware that has been polluting store shelves in lieu of real games, it must mean nobody wants any good games? Smooth move Nintendo.

Hicken2325d ago

Now all we need is an American release date.