Forza Motorsport 4 - That ghostly glitch

Forza Motorsport 4 is a truly stunning title; however ITF Gaming has come across a rather interesting glitch within this title. While racing through visually stunning environments and viewing the spectacular cars on showcase, we eagerly anticipated racing through the Clubman Division. This was temporarily obscured by the fact that our stunning looking Mazda 2 was now a ghostly figure of its former glory. We won’t go into too much detail on how this glitch occurred, as we are not entirely sure how this happened.

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FordGTGuy2474d ago

Looks fake as fuck, is this website just trying to get hits?

ITFGaming2474d ago

refer to previous answer.

ITFGaming2474d ago

How can it be when uploaded straight from comsole to the forza site?

FordGTGuy2473d ago

They invented this thing called Photoshop.

ITFGaming2472d ago

Two different photos? Ok seriously, this is lame why do people have to fight on N4G? We found the glitch, we sorry you didnt find it. I am a Journalist with a lot of integrity and will not provide fake stories just for hits!!!

I enjoy posting interesting stories to N4G; however they just get ruined by stupid reports and trolling comments. I have seen a number of user's who complain about this. Why not just give us a little credit for finding the time and effort to do the job we do?