How Steve Jobs is affecting gaming

Apple's co-founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs passed away last Wednesday of pancreatic cancer. This tragic event has caused a lot of mourning around the world, and mainly through the Apple community. Steve Jobs was one of his generation's greatest visionaries, and was (arguably) responsible for why we are so technologically far ahead as we are. Steve formed a team that would go on to revolutionize the way we used personal computers, the way we listen to music, the way we use a phone, and many other reasons caused by how Apple has changed things.

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geth1gh2542d ago

Shouldn't it be was not is?

BtnMshrTV2542d ago

That's what I thought as well when I was posting this article, but if you think about it, ideas that he had 10 years ago could be in play in 5 years and they could still effect us. I decided that "is" was a much better title, because the iPhone or iPad aren't dying with him, they're still here, changing industries that they touch.

FragGen2542d ago

Steve Jobs is dead.
I've been dying a lot in Dark Souls.
I think not.

Enigma_20992542d ago

Tragic, but if this was remotely true, don't you think people would have been pushing this point while he was still alive?

And how about that iPhone debacle?

Burning_Finger2542d ago

People should stop mentioning his name. Let him rest in peace.

HarryKawk2542d ago

He isn't Voldemort. I bring my Grandpa up all the time and I'm sure it isn't making him turn in his grave. Or in his urn? You get my point.

MasterCornholio2542d ago

yep he won the casual market away from Nintendo due to the cheap smartphone games. But other than that he hasn't done anything. In my opinion.


DJMarty2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

APPLE sucks period with or without him. Seriously who cares.

Just some nobody site after hits.