'Why are so many people trashing Modern Warfare 3?'

Games Master says: We're bamboozled by some of the bile that gets flung in Call of Duty's direction too, Ari - they're still great games online and off, and that's reflected by their mind-spinning popularity.

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iamnsuperman2478d ago

On this website it has calmed a lot. The hate was unnecessary and it seemed people were defending future purchases. It was cool to hate on COD. I am just glad a large majority here have changed their tune. No need to hate on a game like it was back around E3

Celeras2478d ago

How did it become cool to hate on COD? Oh, right, it's been bad rehashed garbage since COD4.

BattleAxe2478d ago

No, its because people like you think it makes you cooler then you really are.

LOGICWINS2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Given the fact that COD games sell more and more each year, can you really blame devs for not wanting to deviate too much from the formula?

If you want to hate on something, blame the vocal majority who vote with their dollars saying that they don't want change.

The only thing Activision is doing is giving the majority what they want. They won't take a risk for the overly judgmental silent minority on the Internet.

malol2478d ago

Call of Duty is like the juster briber of video games

everyone hates him because he sucks yet he sells shit cause kids\ little girls like him

COD is hated by all players because it sucks yet it sells alot because alot of kids love it

princejb1342478d ago

i like cod and i have fun with it
it seems the people just want it to fail just because its very successful

evrfighter2478d ago

are they seriously suprised? this is what happens when fads start to die out.

JaredH2478d ago

It's cause this site is full of hipsters.

meetajhu2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Very simple COD= 60$(game)+60$(DLC)+60$(ELITE)= Low quality graphics,ancient game engine,bots spawning instead of dynamic a.i,multiplayer that is same as previous games with new maps and perks(changed perks not new),still the old COD games issues are not fixed.(wtf its at the cost of Vita)

BF3 = 60$ = pre-order bonus dlc of BF2 maps + best looking graphics+64 players+free online community system+there is nothing negative to tell about it.

Washington-Capitals2478d ago

The real reason people have changed their tune is they realized the console version of bf3 (at least the beta) just proves how much of a superior shooter call of duty is.

But once Killzone 4 or some other sony exclusive shooter like Starhawk is set to release, people will go back to hating on COD and saying things like "cant wait to preorder ____ , better then cod". Once people stop playing those exclusives, Only to have the whole process rinse and repeat.

badz1492478d ago

"...can you really blame devs for not wanting to deviate too much from the formula?"

formula is 1 thing but to keep the franchise looking almost the same for 5 years running is something else!

MRMagoo1232478d ago


Rehashed or keeping to the obviously winning formula, IMO if they didnt change from the first modern warfare ide be happier than ever i dont like the changes all i want are new maps a new story and some new guns all the other crap they keep adding isnt needed.

caperjim2478d ago

The truth is not many people hate COD when compared to how many who love it. Just a very small percentage of people that like to waste their energy bashing it on forums, thats about it.

TheDivine2478d ago


Mw3 is 60 dollars and if you want elite it comes with all the extra features and all dlc for the game. Yea thats 120 dollars but its for people who mainly/only play cod. $120 isnt bad for a year of gaming. I wont need elite as just the game has more content than almost every other fps but its a good deal if you play alot. Looks really fun to me.

Disccordia2478d ago

People hate change just look at all the comments re: recent Facebook changes!

da_2pacalypse2477d ago

I'm sorry, but cod sucks. I have no respect for people who support Kotick's demand for world domination using a rehashed game every year... you're all fools...

t0mmyb0y2477d ago

Here come the Cod Fanboys

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Ducky2478d ago

It's calmed down a bit after the BF3 beta.

It'll probably surge back as MW3 gets closer to release.

RickHiggity2478d ago

if its anything like black ops, there will be a shit storm after release too.

gamingdroid2477d ago

... and the vast majority of their consumers are happy. It's like this tiny minority that is vocal, yet possesses no influencing power.

I find there is nothing wrong with providing something that gazillion people enjoy regardless if it is re-hashed.

None the less, you might want to ask if it is re-hashed, why isn't there someone else "innovating" and doing it better?

WANNAGETHIGH2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

People love to hate when ur succesfull,selling alot and making money.

To the people saying is the same thing ur just contradicting ur self. Y change a gameplay fans love and r used to? Or what do u want a RPG FPS where u have to find ur guns,make ur guns when u find them and make golden bullets that splits into 5 when u fire them???...Gears of war,Uncharted,Halo,God of war..e.t.c some of the biggest games kept the same gamplay the fans are used to. Look at killzone3 the gameplay changed from killzone2 and some fans of killzone2 was not happy. Cod fans love the fast paced arcade gameplay so y change what the fans love?

And as for using the same engine y do u care so much. Cod fans r not complaing so whats ur beef??? All they care about is having fun they dont care about if the texture on the 360 version is the same as the Ps3 version or if the gun on consoles look the same on PC or if the PC version looks better than crysis. In a way those are real gamers,they dont bitch about graphics like 70% on people on this site, thhey just play the game because it brings fun to them online when they r bored and that is what gaming is all about fun.

Y u mad????

hotskys2478d ago

you summed it up. If you hate cod, so be it, just shut up and let the people who like it play.

It's like it pains cod haters for people to like it, like effects them. They just want their game to be top of sales.

Hicken2478d ago

Sorry, but what I don't like is all the people who think it's the best game ever and don't want anything to change. And the fact that Activision is fully aware of the power and influence they have over their fanbase, and are actively exploiting it disgusts me.

$60 worth of DLC for a game? Really? Full price for a new copy of it a year later? Charging for an online service very similar to what other games will be implementing for free? Running on the same engine for the fifth straight game?

Keyshawn Johnson would say, "C'MON, MAN!"

There's no excuse. Really, there isn't. I enjoy the game when I play it at friends' places, but I cannot rationalize that being stagnant is okay simply because people keep buying.

Let me repeat that, a little more clearly:


Be all the fan you want. Enjoy all the games you want. But when you're getting the same game three years from now, it'll be too late to complain, because your money fueled the stagnation. They kept seeing record sales, and kept raking in the cash, content that they could continue to do with ass little change as possible.

It will be YOUR fault when gaming fails.

Septic2478d ago

I'm sorry but you're wrong.

I played COD MW2 LOADS! I loved the game but it had glaring issues. The developers absolutely lazy mentality was exposed with that game. How long did it take for them to bother listening to the community about hacks and glitches, imbalances like the model shotguns, ignore the community about downright moronic addotions like painkiller etc? Once they safely got their money they abandoned the game and proof is in how long it took for them to bother a small glitch where you shoot from inside the rocks in the Fuel map iirc.

I know cod, I knew the spawn points, got over 140 nukes and my mates and I would LOVE a great call of duty game. But I'm not paying £40-£50 for the same bloody game with the same over powered shotguns and hardly any changes at all!! It actually looks like an expansion pack. It really does!

I hope the game is good but I highly doubt the developers are deserving of any praise because I don't see any real effort whatsoever on their part to move the series along. This is exactly what happened to Tony Hawk and Guitar hero. Do you think it was harmless then by running the franchise into the ground by giving us annual versions of the same game?

damnyouretall2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

i admit im hating on cod now. but next gen i will definetly buy it again. i want change and improvements. cod2 and 4 are my 2 favorite games this gen. it lost its intensity and mojo so im kinda bummed. so i say fuck activision for their bs the last few years milking what should have been great. they dont give shit back to their fans, especially charging for cod elite. does my opinion make me cool? no just disapointed and bitter enough to post this on a website

Oschino19072477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

This is for the many morons and idiots plauging this site and every COD article with the constant missimformation becuase there is nothing worse then a loud mouth overly opinionated douche bag who obviously has no clue what the hell they are talking about.

MW3 is $60
COD Elite is FREE
COD Elite Premium is $50 ($40 if you got hardened edition) and it includes all the DLC before everyone else along with first try of anything new that comes to Elite down the road. Many other perks and upgrades for premium membership as well, if you are an avid COD player or someone who gets all the DLC its more then worth it not to mention it can all be run and done on your console with the game and no need to go to a website on your PC for anything.

I suggest all you tools go to the Elite site to see what its really all about because its obvious many are clueless about what its all about.

And also everyone bashing the gameplay and such, I too was highly pissed with MW2 and swore the series off but they are changing so much that I have way way less concerns going into MW3 then I did going into MW2, I could tell MW2 was going to end up a crap shoot in many aspects and it did but MW3 seems to be doing everything right for the most part, IMO this will be by far the BEST COD experiance to date. Look up the articles and read all the GOOD interviews and then tell me you don't have high hopes for this game.

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YogiBear2478d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Gamer-Z2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Has anybody else notice that all the guns in MW3 sound the same?! Now im not saying MW3 gameplay is bad because its not but you have to admit everything about this game screams REHASHED.

SkywayAvenue2477d ago

Guns in MW2 didn't all sound the same, but they all did in black ops. They shouldn't all sound the same because this isn't treyarch

zeddy2477d ago

mark my words, when you all get bored of bf3 you will get mw3 eventually.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Sure, and when you get bored of MW3, you'll have CoD-2012 right around corner, with another year of "Elite" to renew.

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MrGunny942478d ago

Because it looks the same as MW2 and people think this is just milking?

Torinir2478d ago

And it's running the same tired id tech 3 engine that IW has been using since the original CoD, with more modifications.

theonlylolking2478d ago

If it aint broke dont fix it. A old engine can be just as great as a new one. The newst engine id has made is crap(from what we can see from RAGE) compared to the engine modifications IW has done.

LOGICWINS2478d ago

"Because it looks the same as MW2 and people think this is just milking?"

But I wouldn't say thats a reason to have "hatred" for a game.

Instead, wouldn't the natural human response to the game be to simply ignore it? No one, to my knowledge, is being forced against their will to buy theres no reason to have THAT strong of a negative reaction towards it.

MW3 won't affect you if you don't want it to.

YogiBear2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

They are allowed to hate it, just like you are allowed to defend it blindly. Stop worrying about what other people think in general and you'll be much happier. Plus, it's a fucking video game. I wish more people were this passionate about their politics.

Tarantino_Life2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

@LOGICWINS - I dont know if you are purposefully being daft to get a kick out of it. The topic is "Why are so many people -trashing modern warfare 3" The answers are being given in this board such as " Same bullshit" , "feels like expansion pack and that it should not be worth 60$". This is their opinion. You do not have to counter saying there are millions who find value in the game and are ready to pay 60$ because no one is denying that. The topic was not -" Why ppl love MW3" so stop typing BS. ppl are giving their reasons why they trash talk. Some ppl agree and some ppl dont.You really need lessons on Logic.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2477d ago

1. Some people ARE that passionate about their politics. We call them extremists on the world I'm from.
2. If more people were THAT passionate about their politics, some of us would be waiting in line for a cyanide shower.

On topic: @Logicwins:
I do ignore CoD. I don't care if it's the greatest game ever, or the biggest pile of crap to ever stink up a Best Buy shelf. I'm just not a fan of first person shooters (don't like the perspective). I have friends who are borderline CoD addicts, so I do read about it occasionally. I just don't buy the games.

Buff10442478d ago

Because people love to hate Activision and a franchise that pumps out yearly sequels.

DigitalRaptor2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

The hatred/dislike stems from the fact that Activision milks the franchise, releases yearly bug-ridden games without improvement between sequels and in recent cases, the decline in quality.

Furthermore, people don't like the fact the people can continue supporting these developments, like those casual sheep of the mainstream who would rather have mindless fun than think about the consequences this kind of support will have in this industry. Most don't even realise that the devs who made MW2 are not making this game.

Activision charges a higher RRP than most publishers and gamers let them get away with it. Their DLC cycle also rips off gamers, but they let them get away with it. Gamers also will unjustifiably pay for their Elite service which other games offer for free.

Battlefield and similar FPS franchises push forward, whilst Call of Duty (a fun game for many) stagnates on the familiar.

RickHiggity2478d ago

Maybe if all the haters were game developers themselves. But most of them aren't so I don't see where you're trying to go with this.

JokesOnYou2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

"How can you be jealous of a game?"

-lol, the same way you can "hate" a game. Simple really since they are both just emotional responses/feelings, towards a entertainment product.

-I think Les-Grossman hit the nail on the head, "Jealousy" is exactly why you haters follow COD.

-Here I'll fix your first paragraph: The *jealousy/envy stems from the fact that Activision has a very popular franchise,with 2 fully dedicated but seperate dev studios which allows them to meet the massive demand for COD by releasing a yearly game that actually has 2yrs dev time...consequently COD continues to grow while its detractors whine and cry wishing their less popular favorite game was in COD's position.

-Its funny 'cause most of the haters, cant resist, they'll be right there playing it in Nov....just like last year, thats when you know you have a great game when your haters root against right up until release day then go out and pay their hard earned money for the game they hate. lol

DigitalRaptor2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

"they'll be right there playing it in Nov....just like last year, thats when you know you have a great game when your haters root against right up until release day then go out and pay their hard earned money for the game they hate."

Well it's a good thing I am a man of my word then. ;) I might play it occasionally - living in a student house with friends and Xboxs leads to that sort of thing, but I'm certainly not handing over any amount to play it and I think a lot of people will do the same. Not significant a percentage enough to count for anything though (goes without saying).

I "hate" on it because I'm bored of what is to me: a franchise of stagnation and complacency. My opinion. And because Activision are close to being the worst offender of milking overpriced content in some of the least consumer-friendly ways possible, in this industry. Fact.

disturbing_flame2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Because each years people pay 70$ to buy a new game running with the same engine.
Because during this year there are 5 or more maps pack to buy to have the complete experience of the new COD episode.
Because the mechanics of the multiplayer hasn't change for years.
Because people get bored with it.

I don't know there are many reasons. There lot of people that are enjoying it, i'm actually gonna buy the new episode beacuse i'm gonna play with some friends that will never play an other game (kind of sad by the way), but i find totally normal that people are bored or upset with this licence.

If those people and i'm one of them were not saying that this licence was going repetitive as hell, Activision would continue just to sell us the same game wich they already do.
I think we need more people trashing COD, not to kill the licenec just to force Activision to reconsider their politics. They earned Billions i think they can put money on the table to pay the licence a new engine.

Foxgod2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

At least its more updating then games like Fifa and Madden :)
It baffles me that these series keep selling 12+ million with each iteration.

But yeah, time for a new engine for COD!

Baka-akaB2478d ago

completely untrue . Even fifa revolutionize itself once every while . Like 12 just recently .

And they at least DO update their graphics , unlike cod

narutogameking2478d ago

I only pay $60.
The game is complete out of the box. DLC is completely optional.
We don't want them to change the mechanics there's nothing wrong with them. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
Then buy a different game.

You want a new engine? Why? I'm fine with the graphics in current COD games. Besides IW and 3arc want that smooth 60FPS experience. Great physics and amazing graphics just aren't possible at 60FPS in current consoles. But if you're really that bored of its graphics then wait till next gen. I bet Activision is working on a new engine just for next-gen COD.(Yes I know PCs are far more capable than consoles but COD games are developed on consoles as lead)

Chocoboh2478d ago

You only need to play CoD4/MW2 to play them all

bumnut2477d ago

You just mentioned the reason I hate COD

"Yes I know PCs are far more capable than consoles but COD games are developed on consoles as lead"

Never used to be that way, COD started out on PC, then we (pc gamers) got screwed again.