Forza Motorsport 4 what's up with the triplets?

ITF Gaming has been racing it out in Forza Motorsport 4 these passed few days, and to be honest, the detail of this title is outstanding! But seriously... what’s up with the triplets? Forza Motorsport 4 currently features stunning visuals, beautiful cars, visually superior tracks and a stadium filled with twins, triplets and quadruplets.

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FordGTGuy2356d ago

Really this needed to be a article? WTF?!

Can't believe it even got 120 degrees!

teething2356d ago

The crowd is designed to be seen as you zip by at 200mph, not analyzed in high def closeups. This is the same for every racing game to date.

Better car models or better fans?
Better physics or better fans?
Better lighting or better fans?
Better frame rate or better fans?
Better textures or better fans?

Get your priorities right son...

m232356d ago

Rather than write up stupid articles why don't these guys give us some gameplay videos, something we would actually like to see.

ITFGaming2356d ago

Ill upload a video today then.

CloseSecond2356d ago

I've not seen a racing game yet that features convincing on-lookers scattered around the track. Mind you, would rather they dedicate the resources used to render and animate spectators on other aspects of racing games.

ITFGaming2356d ago

Dont you think it kills the authenticity though? I mean no hyped up crowd or even cheers in the background? I mean without all that it just makes it feel like a dull experience of going round and round a track.

CloseSecond2356d ago

To be honest I'd rather that than the artificial looking crowds/spectators they put in. The worst I have seen in a while had to be those in Dirt 3. They are so bad they stand out like a sore thumb which pulls me out of the experience.

iamgoatman2356d ago

Then I think you've missed the point of racing games.

BlmThug2356d ago

Your priorities are very messed up.

pennywhyz2356d ago

they look like cardboard cutouts