Top 10 Highly Anticipated Xbox 360 Games For 2012

GB : 2011 has been very good to the Xbox 360. There haven’t been enough exclusives on the system, yes, but there’s been a constant stream of great games. And more titles seem to be coming through for the system: multiplats like Elder Scrolls V and Assassin’s Creed and more and exclusives such as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and…. well, yeah.
2012 seems to be no different. Though not many Xbox-only titles have been announced for next year, a lot of great titles have been announced otherwise. Here’s a rundown of 10 such titles.

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fluffydelusions2352d ago

The majority of the games are not even exclusive.

blumatt2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

True. But I think they're used to mostly buying multiplats anyway. There's still a few exclusives, just not many. I think MS is holding off on their exclusives on the 360 so they can have a good launch lineup for the 720--at least I hope that's their plans. (If the lineup is good enough, I'll buy the 720 day one!) There's a lot of money that's spent on timed dlc that could be spent on first party studios and exclusive games. Why they don't do that, I have no clue.
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@Typical-Guy (below)
Yeah, the Witcher 2 looks cool. I might have to try it out, since I don't have a PC that will run it.

Typical-Guy2352d ago

Let's hope that's their plan ^_^

Persistantthug2352d ago

That's only if good luck strikes, because there's a good chance XBOX 3 won't get here until 2014.

Number_132352d ago

And that makes them any less 360 games how exactly? Multiplatform games are more popular than exclusives in most cases, just look at Dead Island vs Resistance 3.

DiRtY2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

your point?

I hate this: "You are not allowed to like a game that is not exclusive - BS" Why should I limit myself.

You are ruining your own experience without even knowing. You limit yourself on one console, which is already a bad thing, but you make the next step and limit yourself even further to only liking exclusive games on that one platform.

I am looing forward to:

- Halo 4
- Ryse
- Fable the Journey
- Max Payne
- The Witcher 2
- Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

_Aarix_2352d ago

Yea, cause when I buy a multiatform game I want to play, theres a dwarf looking over my shoulder saying "hey, hey, HEY!, thats not exclusive, thats not exclusive" /s

Honestly, i feel sorry for anyone so desprete to to proove a consoles superority by only buying exclusive games. Games are games, dont be pathetic.

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Typical-Guy2352d ago

The Witcher 2 is what I really need from that list.

Bob5702352d ago

As an Xbox gamer, I have to say that the only exclusive worth noting is Halo 4.

Relientk772352d ago

Over half the list is not exclusive

Not suprised by Halo 4 or Fable: The Journey

but I didn't really guess the other 8, some good multiplats in there for all systems

jbiz3302352d ago

Exclusives are getting to be overrated (by both sides).. Xbox only has a handful that have really made an impact and to be honest as much as the PS3 crowd likes to gloat the PS3 only has a handful that have really make any impact either. Multiplat games have really stepped up this gen.

Blogz4Fanboyz2352d ago

have a bubble for speaking the truth.

a certain percentage of n4g go about exclusives, when infact they are not the be all and end all.

wait for a message with a long list of games to appear. except the long list has probably 1 or 2 games worth mentioning, and the rest are just meh.

mcstorm2352d ago

I have to agree with you here as to me there are only 2 exclusives at the moment that are as big as the likes of cod fifa and gta and that is gt and halo. Geats forza killzone resistance ect only sell around half of the other 2 the only console that sells ove 6 millon for most of its exclusive gaes are nintendo.

But nintendo know there is now alot of money to be made by 3rd partys and thats why with the wii u amd 3ds they are looking to get more 3rd party support.

Persistantthug2352d ago

Except when it's exclusive time.

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