1C’s New 4X4 Sim – “Off Road Drive” [PC Review]

1C has recently released the new 4 X 4 game “Off Road Drive”. It was definitely not what we expected as the game has a lot more detail and depth than any other off road styled game we have come across. Muslim Gamer ran it through their tests to see how the game has turned out.

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bumnut2540d ago

Halalability! priceless

I do agree with this review, its a good game.

muslimgamer2540d ago

Theres a million gaming sites out there, we have to have a point of difference don't we :P

bumnut2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Definately, Im not a religous man myself but respect other peoples faith.

Im sure a lot of parents would find that aspect of your review usefull.

muslimgamer2540d ago

Funny you should say that. We get that feedback a lot :)