Bethesda doesn’t care if lawsuit affect Skyrim sales

The court case between Bethesda and Mojang is far from over, but that doesn’t stop Bethesda to make this claim.

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fluffydelusions2505d ago

This lawsuit is ridiculous.

WhiteLightning2505d ago

I know right

No one even refers to the games with it's full name

It's usualy just the name of the region. Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim for example

"I played on Morrowind last night"

"I played on The Elder Scrolls Morrowind last night

See it makes such a difference in conversation

dangert122505d ago

never mind that no ones refers to it as 'scrolls' at all

Beetey2505d ago

He didn't say they don't care, he said "so be it." Huge difference. And, anyone who thinks it will affect sales is out of their mind.

invisiblezero2505d ago

This article is pointless, just like the lawsuit. Of course Bethesda care about sales being affected, but they clearly care more about settling this lawsuit than the sales that "might" be lost from said lawsuit.

Typical-Guy2505d ago

Bethesda, count me !!! hurry up 11/11

Faztkiller2505d ago

I can't stand people that make demands like that.

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