Gears of War 4: What we want to see

CVG - Gears of War 3 might only be in its second odd week on sale but that won't stop us from casting our wishful gazes to its inevitable sequel and dreaming up what we'd most like to see from the next entry in Epic's blockbuster franchise.

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WhiteLightning2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

The thing is though those characters is what made Gears of War....Gears of War.

Even when they had new characters in Gears 3 such as Jace and Sam you were always itching to get back to having a team full with the characters you know like Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird and even Anya (even though she wasn't a COG in the first two games she still helped you)


I thought they would of had a secret ending like the one in Halo 3 which would lead you to believe that even though the battle is over for now, the war has just begun. Maybe a ship collecting Queen Myrrah's body. Like your giving the characters some peace as you focus on other projects and side games but you would come back to it when you've got a good enough story. Perhaps the locust has another home planet ruled by their King with better tec and they invade Sera to avenge the Queen <Yes very silly plot but it's just an example>

Prophet-Gamer2543d ago

I really do hope EPIC sticks to their word and doesn't follow Gears 3 with a fourth, because honestly, the ending the third game was pretty good.

Now, a game about the Pendulum Wars or E-Day would be great. But a direct sequel.... I just don't see it.

DungBeetle2543d ago

They said that they wouldn't make more games about Delta Squad and Marcus, but they never said that they wouldn't make more Gears of Wars games.

omi25p2543d ago

Make the multiplayer harder like Gears 1/2

Kran2543d ago

Sorry what? Surely its the people who have been making the multiplayer "harder" rather than the game. :/

omi25p2543d ago

In gears 1/2 it took more than 1 shot from the gnasher to kill and opponent at point blank range. You had to melee, wallbounce roll ect.

In gears 3 its 1 hit kill with a gnasher from over 5 feet. So the skill required for getting a kill with a gnasher has been almost removed.

hudsoniscool2543d ago

that and the sawd offs blast radious is the entire screen so they just sit around corner and pull triger when they see someone.

cedaridge2543d ago

all i want is gears 4 on xb720 if another is introduced for xb360 wont buy it, wont care.

JohnApocalypse2543d ago

Did this guy see the ending?

josephayal2543d ago

We want to see a ps3 version

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