Is Batman: Arkham City getting too much hype?

Hype is dangerous, it can be a killer. We've seen it happen before.

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fluffydelusions2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I don't really see any hype for this game. Some but not much. Now BF3 and MW3 are getting hyped.

Nitrowolf22543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

agreed completely. The only thing I see with this game that is really bugging me is that every week we seem to get a new villain or costume reveal, which is kind of ruin it for me. Hype? Barely, I mean the game releases in about 9 days and the top news is about BF3 and MW3.

If there's hype then this site sure as hell isn't seeing it along with a few other big sites.

Farsendor12543d ago

i haven't read up on one article on batman and i don't plan on it cause when arham asylum came out same thing happened with it,too much information was revealed. i didn't want my gaming experience to be ruined

-Alpha2543d ago

The game deserves some hype, but since it's not an exclusive, or a shooter looking to dethrone Call of Duty, nobody gives a crap.

Too bad, because Rocksteady has proven to have a quality IP on their hands

LOGICWINS2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

^^Eh, I thought Arkham Asylum was good, but not great. The reason it got so much praise from critics was because it was the first quality superhero game they've seen in a LONG time.

Arkham Asylum is like that decent looking girl in your office. In the outside world, shes 7. But in the office, where 90% of the women are unattractive(Most superhero games suck), this 7 girl shoots up to a 9 or 10(Arkham Asylum).

Arkham Asylum is probably the best licensed superhero game out there...but when most superhero games are crap, it doesn't really mean much.

BrianC62342543d ago

I don't care about the different costumes. I bet all of them will be available as DLC eventually anyway. I just want to play the game.

Tarantino_Life2543d ago

@Alpha - Its getting a lot of well deserved hype among the gaming media. I dont know a single media outlet not interested for this game. Its nothing to do about exclusivity. Resistance 3 was an exclusive but hardly got the coverage from press as much as Batman AA. So please dont randomly blame exclusives as a reason this game is not getting hype

LOGICWINS2543d ago

"So please dont randomly blame exclusives as a reason this game is not getting hype"

I think this was only in reference to the reason why its not getting hype...on N4G.

Baka-akaB2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

There are some truths there ... but even without factoring the comicbook license (wich is hard to do , i concur) , you are left with a great beat them all with mini sandbox (or rather huge hubs) elements .

My point is even on its own , the game is excellent , as the only great beat them all released since the 16-32 bit era .

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32543d ago

BF3's hype before the beta was f*cking ridiculous!

LOGICWINS2543d ago

@Baka- I still think the game was just decent. But if you think its excellent, I respect your opinion.

badz1492543d ago

Asylum has set a foot in the industry and City will have no trouble to at least break the 1 mil barrier.

I'm with LOGICWINS here and think that Batman AA is good but not great. It got its fair share of praises due to being a Superhero game well executed after a long time. personally I'll give it an 8.5. it's a b it repetitive and the end boss fight is seriously underwhelming and disappointing!

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princejb1342543d ago

its ok if they hype it as long as the game lives up to its expectations

BrianC62342543d ago

I agree. Where's the hype? What little hype the game gets is deserved. I don't see stories all over the Internet about Arkham City being the best game or anything. The game will sell great without hype even.

ATi_Elite2543d ago

Batman: Arkham City....what's that?

I only click this link by was stuck in between a bunch of BF3 links.

See what i did there?

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Ahasverus2543d ago

No, it isn't, it's just too damn awesome

Ravens202543d ago

In my opinion, Arkham Asylum was one of the most overrated games ever. Such a boring game.

Tarantino_Life2543d ago

I thought It was a good game.Nothing great. Some of the boss fights were terrible like the killer croc one. I wish they were inventive with all the boss fights like they were with Scarecrow. Yes it is over-rated but it is the best superhero game out there followed by Infamous. Also the game is looking really nice from all the vids so I am excited.

MysticStrummer2543d ago

My thoughts exactly. Good game, but I'm not overly excited for the sequel. I don't see much hype for it though, other than people on N4G saying they can't wait for it. I'll wait for it without a problem. There are too many other games I want more.

Tarantino_Life2543d ago

@MysticStrummer - Media outlets are very excited. I am pretty hopeful that they will have improved boss fights this time in variety as well as quality of gameplay.The boss fight against Joker in Batman AA was sooo bad!

badz1492543d ago

" is the best superhero game out there followed by Infamous."

WHAT? for an old-timer hero, Batman AA is the best game available out there but better than inFAMOUS? maybe that's your opinion but I strongly disagree. Cole is a new hero/villain and inFAMOUS is the better game of the 2 BY FAR!

dgonza402543d ago

Im going to have to disagree on batman being the best superhero game.. infamous was way more inventive and emotional investing. Granted batman already has a universe to work with, but a lot of the story felt very stale.. *spoiler* that level where you visit the morgue and see his parents was great though.*End Spolier*

But is Batman AA overrated?..

i dont think so.. for once i believe a videogame got it right and did the batman franchise some justice :d

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cochise3132543d ago

I believe this game will over exceed the hype. It looks amazing.

beast242tru2543d ago

its not getting enough hype imo the first one was a really good game didnt expect it to be soo good and i know this one will also be great

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