Forza Motorsport in Position to Learn from Resistance Franchise – Nick’s Gaming View Episode #54

"Hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of Nick’s Gaming View where Nick covers the latest gaming news and events throughout the industry. This week Nick discusses the general feedback provided in regards to the Battlefield 3 Open Beta and why this exemplifies the issue with opening beta code to the public,recent statements out of Turn 10 Studios on their upcoming release Forza Motorsport 4, the official details for Gran Turismo 5’s upcoming Spec 2.0 update along with information on the upcoming DLC, and Sony’s recent statement in regards to physical media playing a large role in their upcoming gaming handheld, PlayStation Vita.

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killajd2476d ago

Another great Podcast with the best racers out! In my opinion GT5 has more features compared to forza but forza to me is an arcadey and gt5 is a sim so there u have it

FordGTGuy2476d ago

Because your "OPINION" counts as a fact.....

Actually the feature count can be argued as both GT5 and Forza 4 have unique features.

ATi_Elite2476d ago

Flaimbait right there!

learn from GT series maybe!

Ducky2476d ago

Seems equally flamebait either ways.

Narutone662475d ago

So, does it means that Forza should add guns?