PC Crysis and Battlefield 3 Both Wanted To Own Your Gaming Wallet

Velocity Gamer: It wasn't all that long ago when Crysis made it's presence known with a gaming experience that seemingly demanded a bleeding edge technological beast of a PC to play at an acceptable performance level.

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kevnb2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

this got approved? more negative crap. The console version of crysis is nothing like the pc version in terms of visuals. You see like 5 feet in front of you on consoles. I would rather play it on a low end gaming system in 2007, atleast I would be playing the game as intended. What is going on with the media/bloggers trying to kill pc gaming? They have really gone into overdrive mode lately.

What if i told someone in 2006 that the $600 ps3 they bought would break down after a year, but in 2011 if they paid $300 for a psu and gpu they would have a reliable gaming system thats 10 times more powerful? But who cares about what ifs, im getting sick of this biased crap.

my pc cost me about $700 to build a year ago, which isnt that bad since its afterall a pc and not just some poorly built gaming machine. It will play battlefield 3 at high settings, with some bells and whistles off and a few settings on medium. Im completetly fine with this, I wont upgrade because I dont need to max every game but Im also glad others get to actually use the power of their $300 video cards.

Now dont get me wrong, gaming on console is perfectly fine. Its not the same as gaming on pc, and even games that have console and pc versions are often worlds apart for various reasons.

But the biggest point of all, the 2 grand sometimes required to max a game isnt the money required to simply play the game. The article is written as if the xbox 360 maxes the game, which it comes nowhere close to. Whats with this argument that someone playing a game on pc means you have to completely max the scalable settings to 10 times the capabilty of a console?

Hockeydud192536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Did you even read the article? Lol ^

kevnb2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

yes, it doesn't really make sense. If someone spent 2 grand on a crysis rig, they played a version of crysis that completely mops the floor with the console version in 2011. So why would they even care about a 360 version thats mostly low settings? Not to mention a version built on an inferior engine that compromises for weak hardware? And how can he justify stating the cost to max the game vs the cost of playing on the consoles low settings? What about all the people who played and enjoyed it with cards like an 8600?

Ducky2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Seems to me that the point is that don't buy an expensive PC to play the games when you can buy a cheaper console that can play the game later.

That's all fine and fair, but by that logic, you might as well not buy a console until the end of the life cycle. Why pay $600 for a PS3 at launch when you can wait a few years and get it for less than half the price?

A $2000 PC in 2007 would run Crysis better than the current console could. (That's already been pointed out)
The 8800GTX is a card from 2007. Here's how Crysis can look on it
(I'm sure you've already seen the video)
The same card can also run the fancy GTA4 mod, along with BF3.

The PC is for people that want the bleeding edge. If I want to play BF3 with 64 players and have a flashlight shine across my face in all its DX11-glory right now, then I'll go with the PC. Sure, someone else might experience the same thing for cheaper a few years from now, but that doesn't really affect me, does it?
You can buy a $500 PC right now, and it'll play Crysis too.

But I'll agree with the other underlying message that people who are happy with consoles shouldn't just rush to buy a PC for a single game, especially if they're not so technologically-inclined. If you're interested, then find a friend or someone that knows about PC hardware to help you out. Otherwise, you're likely to get ripped... and end up buying a PC for $2000.

kevnb2536d ago

this makes sense. I also think people shouldnt go into pc gaming with the entire feast or famine attitude. Your gaming pc is what you make it, you can spend as little or as much as you want. You can waste money on pointless parts, or spend wisely.

Letros2536d ago

A gaming rig stopped costing $2000 a long time ago.

_Aarix_2536d ago

I WANT A GAMING WALLET! maybe play some pac man on the front cover.

ginsunuva2536d ago

I built a full rig last month (except I kept my previous gpu) for 780 bucks.

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