Final Level: Battlefield 3 Gameplay Commentary- Caspian Border

Final Level takes to the skies only to be shot down twice in this gameplay commentary of the new map Caspian Border on the Battlefield 3 Beta brought to you by Dice and EA.

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mrmancs2540d ago

worst commentary ever?

chriski3332540d ago

Wow this guy sucks ass I want my 10 mins back u jerk

Kennytaur2540d ago

The HUD is horrible and looks like it belongs on a game like WipEout or Cubixx HD. Way too fancy and colourful. It breaks the seriousness and atmosphere of the game. The animation for jumping is overkill over low obstacles, and the camera moves at a different pace than the animations when crawling. Hopefully this will be fixed, but I doubt it and the stupid HUD is here to stay I guess, which is a shame, because the old BF games had good HUD's.

The map looks awesome though and I hope it translates well to consoles, as my PC is "too old for this sh!t." (it's a quote, not saying the games rubbish)

As for the commentary and gameplay shown (bushwhacking anyone?): Uh-Oh!

Agree or disagree if you agree... or disagree, depending on where you stand on these matters.