Ten Games Which Had Useless Weapons

" A lot of guys out there have not doubt heard the timeless expression “size doesn’t matter.” If you’re a lady and happen to be very supportive of your respective fella, then you’ve probably wound up saying this to him yourself at some point along the line as well. Whilst it’s normally disregarded as a hollow ego boost, some games prove it with their weaponry. More often than not the big flashy guns are the least practical, and here are ten examples of this in action."

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MrSpace2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

"size doesn’t matter."

That's what she sai-....

...oh wait

gameseveryday2420d ago

Complete list:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Red Rust
Any Shooting game pre-Halo – Melee weapons
Mass Effect - Grenades
Splinter Cell: Conviction – Desert Eagle
Any Stealth Game – Shotgun
Dead Space – Flamethrower
Any Shooting Game - Grenade Launcher
he Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The Giant's Knife
Dead Space – Pulse Rifle
Fallout 3 - Experimental MIRV

Clayman2420d ago

Thanks. Navigating Gamingbolt takes just too long.

joshpoppedyou2420d ago

ty i wasnt gonna go through ten different pages just to read a few lines.....

dirthurts2420d ago

Rashid Sayed,
You improved many lives today. :)

SITH2420d ago

Thanks, I hate that website!

JaredH2420d ago

I never used the flamethrower in Dead Space but it's great in Dead Space 2. Especially against the final boss or anything that's running at you.

EditorAtGNG2420d ago

Man... do I disagree about Dead Space's Pulse Rifle... I loved the weapon, especially after the ammo capacity upgrade. I don't really get people bitching about ammo in Dead Space 2... shops and junk to sell were scattered throughout each level, and you could basically back track if you find yourself to be low on ammo.

As for my pic, I would definitely go with the grenade launcher...

BeOneWithTheGun2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Bubs Rashid. I absolutely hate it when sites put 2 sentences on one page so they can scam ad revenue out of you by making you click through a million different pages.

NarooN2420d ago

Grenade launcher wasn't useless in Quake, lol.

Laxman2162419d ago

Thank you very much. I closed the page as soon as I realized it was one of those you-must-visit-a-new-page-for- every-number-on-this-list-so-we -look-like-we-get-more-hits articles. +bubbles to you.

badz1492419d ago

what about >95% of weapons in Borderlands? they are there for the sole purpose of so you can sell them for money!

gamingdroid2419d ago

I'm going to down vote site that doesn't care about their user experience.

Click on that plus sign next to the domain under the story above to down vote the site.

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Tanir2420d ago

basically any weapon in deadspace 1 or 2. all you needed was tons of ammo for plasma cutter and you was fine. this coming from someone whos only played both of the games on hard mode

pedo_across-the-road2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Metal gear solid 4, Snakes stun knife takes the cake for me.

Undeadwolfy2419d ago

I used it very often on the Big Boss difficulty because I ran out of tranquiliser ammo in the first Act. Its quicker and safer than trying to hold them to stun them.

EazyC2420d ago

BB gun from Fallout 3

MIRV from Fallout 3

Two, very different guns, both useless.

QuantumWake2420d ago

The MIRV was pretty useless. The only time I would use it was when I was in Megaton and I would shoot it in the air and watch them all fall and kill everyone. lol. Other than that, it was a big waste of mini-nukes.

dirthurts2420d ago

On the opposite spectrum, the most useful weapon ever...
Syphon Filter. Taser!!!!

Relientk772420d ago

Dude the taser was amazing!

I used that taser whenever I could. I loved it and using it never got old lol

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