Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Gameplay Preview Interview

A new interview says the game will allow fans to create female Saiyans.

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Canary2420d ago

Sound like damage control. Fans were really excited early on with the promise of an in-depth story mode, boss battles and create a character. Then CAC ended up being shallow and pointless, boss battles were revealed as boring and tedious affairs, and the character roster was revealed to be smaller than most of the PS2 games.

Juxtapose that with the horridly pretentious "Ultimate Tenkaichi" title, along with the poor reception of Spike's previous DBZ games, and all of a sudden Spike realized most of the fanbase they rely on for sales weren't going to bother with the game at all.

Odds are this is a "slip of the tongue" (read: false) designed to re-ignite some of the hype that has so thoroughly vanished in recent weeks.

tayz2420d ago

wow, that was well said, i didnt think about it like that. spike is at even a new low now with this. Namco Bandai... give DBZ to CC2!

OzzieArcane2420d ago

Not less then most the PS2 games. Less then ALL the PS2 games. Budokai Tenkaichi 1 had 56 characters not counting transformations.

Canary2420d ago

Yeah, but there were a bunch of PS2 games. I don't remember how many were in the 2D Budokai games, and then there was stuff like Sagas and Infinite World. I think one of 'em only had like 18 or so.

JaredH2420d ago

I really want to get back into Dragon Ball Z games. I had every game for ps2 even the garbage beat em up one. I have yet to buy one for next-gen consoles though. Same with Armored Core.

Quagmire2419d ago

Burst Limit is pretty fun.

Michael-Jackson2420d ago

The guy answered the questions vaguely like he didn't know what he was talking about.

So I will say, female character creation is RUMOR and not fact until we see it.

FrightfulActions2420d ago

I'd be more impressed with a larger character roster... It's a bit depressing when my PS2 version had more characters to play as than any new-gen version of the game. When you keep removing playable characters, you realize that the game is the same every time. How many times do we have to play out the Frieza and Cell saga. Far as Im concerned the best DB game is still on the PS2/Wii, and its called Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Too bad my 60gb PS3 died on me. Why you no have backwards compatibility, Slim? :(

I just checked a wiki... BT3 had 161 characters to choose from. Holy hell...

tayz2420d ago

that's the only reason i play my wii still. DBZ BT3

theonlylolking2420d ago

Tenkaichi 2 is better. The gameplay in Tenkaichi 2 is slightly faster than the 3rd.

tayz2420d ago

yeah i did like the gameplay of bt2 better. damn me for selling it.

tanoris2420d ago

why the hell isn't Budokai 4 ever being released? Do they not realize the best DBZ game thus far is Budokai 3, and that was years ago...Burst limit was on the right direction but they messed that up with the lame ultimates, and only going up to cell saga.

shikamaroooo2420d ago

The developers of budokai have been working on street fighter games. I want them to make a budokai 4

Michael-Jackson2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

They are working with Sega on Sonic Generations 3DS and Capcom on Street Fighter X Tekken.

This might rinse and repeat.

ZombieAssassin2420d ago

Don't know why tanoris is getting disagrees the Budokai games where much better than anything released in a long time, It'd be nice if they at least went back to the 2D fighting stages.

BitbyDeath2420d ago

If it were 2D then it just wouldn't be Dragonball.

ZombieAssassin2420d ago

I mean 3D models but in a 2D fighting stage similar to the new MK, I just don't like how they are doing them now...they feel cheap.

blackblades2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I don't really care about how many characters are in the game, if you look at it every single character basically has the same fighting style and each energy attack has a different color and name so that's why prefer burst limit because they had there own fighting style different from each other.

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