Media Create software sales (9/26 - 10/2) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan.

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knifefight2477d ago

Once we get past like #35 we're talking about games that sold like 1,000 copies. Weird.

disturbing_flame2477d ago

Looks like Monster Hunter on 360 has not reached the objectives of Microsoft in Japan.

BABY-JEDI2477d ago

fantastic start for Dark Souls. Guess there is a lot of sadomasocists out there LoL

Spenok2476d ago

Agreed, im glad Dark Souls is doing so well. Its a fantastic game, and im loving every death... just wish i knew which area to move to next... as i am currently at a loss lol.

BABY-JEDI2474d ago

I've ran out of arrows : (. Now I've got a long deadly trek back to the merchant. : (