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NoSleepGamer writes: Starhawk’s single player game is something I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for a while now and I’m glad to say it was well worth the wait. This sci-fi third-person shooter is shaping up to be a lot of fun, especially given the original game’s lack of an offline side. But can it compete in a genre crowded with classics like Uncharted and Gears of War? Being able to instantly drop an arsenal of buildings, turret towers and vehicles from your own personal orbital carrier will certainly help its cause.

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disturbing_flame2474d ago

I'm certainly more waiting the game for its multiplayer than its solo campaign.

Warhawk was a great online game, i mean a real great multiplayer game. It has a dimension thet only few games could have on this generation, with those huge maps, those dogfights and those additions like the jetpacks that came with a DLC. It was fantastic.

I was a bit sad when i saw there was no tanks on the multiplayer of Starhawk according to what i've seen since the presentation of the game.
I really hope also Starhawk still focuses on the multiplayer like warhawk did.

First time it was announced, when i read Starhawk i really hoped this could be more Space Opera oriented, or at least a shooter game with a scenario like "Colony War" for example. Starhawk and Space Opera would have been the perfect association to me.

Anyway i'm still looking forward to this one. If it has got the huge maps, the very balanced gameplay, and the awesome fun of its predecessor; it can be a killer game.

BitbyDeath2474d ago


From Dylan Jobe

"I can’t go into details right now our tank gameplay but YES, there is a “tank” and its crazy fun."

disturbing_flame2474d ago

Great mate. it's a great news to me. It means there will be some HUGE maps like Warhawk had !

Hope Jobe and the team will greatly improve the roaster of new maps giving us the opportunity to play more than 10 maps from day one.

Bathyj2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

I'm more interested in the single player. I think they owe it to us after the last game.

I know the last one was a great MP game, but I'm a fan of the original. It was one of the very first PSOne games and I was way bummed when they decided to go MP only with the PS3 version. Hopefully the SP is good enought this time to make up for it.

Kennytaur2474d ago

Multiplayer game of the year 2012? Quite possibly.

strickers2473d ago

Thank god hover mode is gone.The Warhawks became overpowered as the pilots improved and some became impossible to shoot.
The tank became too weak as well,with jetpacks being too hard to shoot,rpgs that couldn't miss and machine guns that got upgraded in a patch,meaning a tank couldn't win a one on one with a jeep(and the tank couldn't shoot high up machine gunners in bases due to the railings stopping tank shots).
I loved Warhawk but some of the changes did not suit me and damaged the game.