The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - High Texture Pack

DSOGaming writes: "Even though The Witcher 2 has some of the best textures we’ve seen so far, modder TC1984 went ahead and enhanced them by using Gibbed RED Tools, QuickBMS and Photoshop. The end result is even more crisper textures that can really be appreciated when you are pretty close to them. This texture pack is currently at its 1.2 version which among other things, replaces some grass & moss texture files with matched colors."

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ATi_Elite2471d ago

very nice! tempting me to replay TW2 w/ this Texture pack!

ECM0NEY2470d ago

Dark mode is sick if u havent played it yet.

john22470d ago

Yeap, that's what I'm planning to do too :D

bumnut2470d ago

Anyone tried it yet? Is there much of a performance hit?

I can max the game in 3D (Without Ubersampling) and get around 40 fps.