OnLive UK Members: Last day to purchase your first game for only £1

Today is the last day for UK residence to purchase their first game on the OnLive cloud gaming service for only £1.00. Tomorrow, the offer will no longer be valid.

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CynicalVision2505d ago

I'll pass, I've tried the service and it's not for me.

outwar60102505d ago

a game that own own for like 3 years and have no physical copy ....i'll pass

BrutallyBlunt2505d ago

You're right, that dollar on a new game that you can play for 3 years is really a lot to ask.

outwar60102505d ago

a pound here which is 2 bucks but my main point is that you need a 5 meg connection to play at 720p the whole quality of the game is completely dependant on you connection like if you have zero connectivity for whatever reason at one point you cant play

BrutallyBlunt2504d ago

I am not disputing the limitations of the service and who it caters to. This article is about a promotion so dragging all the issues you have with the service would be better placed in a different topic. Your original argument, the one I replied to, was only talking about the physical medium.

chanmasta2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for a £1 and it looks like I'm watching a YouTube video in 480p even though I have a great internet connection. Started playing it anyway then had a phone call for a few minutes, came back and it signed me out due to inactivity and now I have to load the program up again, sign in again, launch the game again and get back to where I was.. again.

Steam. Kthx.

Edit: Now I'm getting "The OnLive game services is currently full." when I try to sign into OnLive...

Grammar errors aside ("is" should be "are"), the service really does suck. But I guess a small audience out there will benefit, until their paid games get taken away in three years.