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Turns out that Battlefield 3 is a lot like Call of Duty

IncGamers: Hands-on with the first two hours of the campaign. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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WolfLeBlack  +   1582d ago
A title sure to attract plenty of attention. *puts on protective armor and dons some spiffy goggles*

This should be amusing :D
malol  +   1582d ago
all i got to say is

but campaign side
yah i have to agree
but then again all FPS single players are the same so yah
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evrfighter  +   1582d ago
trolling articles are becoming more common nowadays.

I can actually see why the misconception is there if you're a console player. metro effing sucks. crappiest map DICE has ever made.

the game would have been perfect if squads were working as intended on caspian border. too perfect actually.

well tbh I'd like to see jets get some buff love. no longer get that "oh sh**" feeling when I see an enemy jet flying right at me. I can completely ignore them and I'll never get killed by them on the ground.
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grifter024  +   1582d ago
Evr....last I checked Jets are Anti Vehicle mainly...I doubt we would waste a 40 million dollar plane on infantry, which we dont.
hakis86  +   1582d ago
"My immediate response to playing the first two hours of Battlefield 3’s campaign was (and still is), “do we need another single player experience like this?” "
Why didn't the author pull his head out of the ass and think this when the launch day approaced for Modern warfare 2, Black Ops, Medal of honor, Modern Warfare 3, etc ??

got to say: DAMN that screenshot looks SO nice... Wish I had a PC to max BF3 =)
Tachyon_Nova  +   1582d ago
Ever played Crysis/Crysis 2? It doesn't play anything like other FPS's.
jeseth  +   1582d ago
I was not surprised when I saw dudes running around with RPGs in a subway, and snipers camping in the tunnels ...

Other than having vehicles, Battlefield games and its players are no better or worse than Call of Duty players.
ATi_Elite  +   1582d ago
I'm a little dissapointed........
Although I still haven't played the SP campaign in BC2 ( too busy with MP) and most likely will not get a chance to play BF3 SP campaign cause again I will be way too busy with the MP....

I am a little piffed that you do not get to fly the Jet in the SP campaign. That would of been an excellent training ground for "Rookie Pilots"!

Nothing is worse than jumping in a Heli or Jet only to have some Newbie Pilot crash 10 seconds after take off!!

Kind of hard to bail out when your upside down!
Rivitur  +   1582d ago
Don't even waste your time on that short 5 hour crap they call campaign on BC2. That campaign marked the end of Battle Field sp saying they didn't want to be like Call of Duty as that sp had nothing but cheap ass action scenes and a story put together by a newborn.
BattleAxe  +   1582d ago
Here's what we've learned during the BF3 Demo:

I can't wait for the retail release of the Beta!
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NeoTribe  +   1582d ago
That was hilarious. Real game wont be like that ofcourse. That retard walk had me goin.
Mr Tretton  +   1582d ago
idk, BF2 had a lot of the same kinds of bugs in the final version. I actually hope funny bugs stay in, but no falling through the ground, that sucks.
Kahvipannu  +   1582d ago
Yeah, I have seen all of these in beta, damn funny, specially the "retard run".^^ Now I just ignore them and keep playing.


That was fixed during beta.
just_looken  +   1581d ago
you forgot this 1
crematory  +   1582d ago
if they refer to weapons damage system i agree
its just the health system is too low to fire back
first see first kill
cyborg6971  +   1582d ago
Wrong in cod you can get shot in the back, turn around and stab him. That's the beauty of their net coding.

In battlefield you can get shot in the back take cover sit on a med pack and ice the guy. Unless they are shooting you with the ump. But that gun is getting nerfed for retail.
vickers500  +   1582d ago
So in one

one can easily respond quickly with a knife that doesn't actually have to be on the guy to kill him...

in the other

the guy can be shot with a bullet from a sniper rifle but not die, crouch, throw out a magical health box, maybe start a fire and roast a few marshmallows, pop up kill the guy with a few bullets from an automatic with a scope on it...

gee, both options sound so alluring.
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momthemeatloaf   1582d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Flavor  +   1582d ago
The flying sequence is on rails? Really? The game won't let you fly the jet in SP?

Maybe this game is just a tech demo for frostbite 2...

And framing Iran as the target for a US invasion is just plain arrogant, irresponsible, and stupid.
RegorL  +   1582d ago
The SP is also a tutorial.
If you can't handle flare, robots, ...

How would you be able to handle the full experience?

There would be even more complaints if you in the third chapter of SP was put in a jet and assumed you could master it; fly, handle robots, flare, ... all at the same time
- "this is too difficult"

Re: Iran - we will see what the future brings... Isn't there an election before 2014?
Rettom  +   1582d ago
Serious question: Are you from Iran? People these days are so sensitive.
GameZenith  +   1582d ago
Are you Irani? People these days are so insensitive to other perspectives that aren't their own.

Point is, it is easy to say that someone is too sensitive if you do not understand a situation or have a similar perspective as the other person.
Chocoboh   1582d ago | Offensive
eak3  +   1582d ago
But its ok for Russia to invade America in the COD series????
TheDivine   1582d ago | Offensive
HeavenlySnipes  +   1582d ago
Its a good thing they
put out a beta. I would of actually bought the game if I didn't play the beta!

Arkham City here I come!
StealthyRay  +   1582d ago
Did you even read the article? It only focused on the single player campaign, not the multiplayer.
Jamaicangmr  +   1582d ago
Ok i'm getting both Batman and BF2 but you seriously just chose batman over BF3? I think you got ur priorities mixed up.
MysticStrummer  +   1582d ago
"I would of actually bought the game if I didn't play the beta!"

Maybe someday you'll understand how incredibly silly that is. Sort of like how my little brothers used to think New Kids on the Block were cool.
pedo_across-the-road  +   1582d ago
Far too many campers on battlefield!
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TheClown  +   1582d ago
Too many run & gunners that walk out into the open on call of duty.
pedo_across-the-road  +   1582d ago
that's why you have to be on your guard
(I recommend ak47-u with rapid fire)
Finger-Eater  +   1582d ago
Is that a problem?
SJPFTW  +   1582d ago
LOL there are no campers in call of duty? worst part campers get rewarded in call of duty with over powered killstreaks.
pedo_across-the-road  +   1582d ago
Kill-cam allows you to you to anticipate the campers next move.
Kahvipannu  +   1582d ago
Well, bring a tank next time^^

"Kill-cam allows you to you to anticipate the campers next move. "

Same thing in BF..
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Tanir  +   1582d ago
just another shooter.

sick of these games coming out every year. like 50 diff shooters every year and almost no puzzle, good action, jrpgs, platformers, etc. so many genres and yet all everyone makes is shooters. sure they sell.....but ever think they only sell because thats all there is? derp
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Chuk5  +   1582d ago
The series is losing its identity.
OcularVision  +   1582d ago
There are plenty of other genres of games. It's just that most of them aren't high-profile games that make a lot of money.
RagTagBnd445  +   1582d ago
One of the reasons that gaming is so populear theese days are multiplayer shooters, there are a lot of gamers out there who does only play shooters.
Tanir  +   1582d ago
its true, alot of people play shooters only, and its sad.

and the other games dont sell aswell because of the hype of games like cod.

as normal gamers i think we want more variety. this gen it just feels like im fforced to buy shooters or nothing
Mr Tretton  +   1582d ago
"this gen it just feels like im fforced to buy shooters or nothing"

That's your fault, and only yours.
damnyouretall  +   1582d ago
online shooters are kind of a rush so its easy to get addicted. they get me emotional to be honest. pissed off, nervous, excitment, satisfaction, you name it :)
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cyclonus007  +   1581d ago
As soon as a game outsells Call of Duty, that will be the next genre that every game company tries to imitate next.

God help us all if Just Dance 3 is that game...
gamingdroid  +   1582d ago
There are other games, most of them don't sell nearly as well as shooters. If there is lack of alternatives, you would think that the few alternatives would be more popular. You know, based on supply and demand.

Maybe it isn't the demographics, but the games themselves....
MysticStrummer  +   1582d ago
That's ridiculous. There are other games. If you ignore them, that's on you.
SignifiedSix  +   1575d ago
Want puzzle games, platformers? Download them from The marketplace, or psn store. whatever you have. problem solved...
cochise313  +   1582d ago
I'm sure battlefield will be amazing, but after playing the beta I've realized how I'm a lil burnt out on military shooters. I'll get this amd mw3 at a later date.
Chuk5  +   1582d ago
Dude, I'm with you.

*finally get's to use RHCP reference*
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zeksta  +   1582d ago
Oh yay, another flamebait article, joy to the world.. -_-
Philoctetes  +   1582d ago
It wouldn't matter to me if this game didn't even have a SP campaign. I buy games like this for multiplayer, not single player.

Of course the beta also turned me off on the multiplayer, but that's a different topic.
venom06  +   1582d ago
TO SHOW YOU HOW FREAKIN STUPID THIS ARTICLE IS... "What it’s attempting to do, it does well. Extremely well. The issue is that we’ve seen it all before, albeit perhaps not as stylishly presented. My worry is that COD fans will love it"......

And that's just a part of how fuckin STUPID this article.. so they liked it, the past is super fast paced, but since CoD campaign is super fast paced, you have to write this BULLSHIT negativ article..... GTFO....
Typical-Guy  +   1582d ago
It's not gonna flop, it just won't shake CoD!
We all know that. Judging by the beta it's still Bad Company disguised as BF3.
rattletop  +   1582d ago
no probs even if it is so. a cod with better graphics and huge ass maps, jets, and choppers. i like.
Darkspade  +   1582d ago
Battlefield 3 blow COD out of the water in Graphics... I seen and played both.. Story is by a troll
enkeixpress  +   1582d ago
"Turns out that Battlefield 3's SP campaign is a lot like Call of Duty's SP campaign"


Battlefield has *ALWAYS* been about it's massive multiplayer. The SP campaign is just a bonus, enjoy it while it lasts (6-7 hours)
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byeGollum  +   1582d ago
What I played (BETA) was nothing like Call of Duty...

edit: if they are talkin' bout single player .. then I don't see why thats a bad thin' if they are alike COD campaigns are fun to play compared to badcompany 1 campaign which was boring
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detroitmademe  +   1582d ago
who cares if the SP is like COD's,didnt the SP become a non-factor when it was announced that it was only 7hrs?Im sure most people will try singleplayer, but MP is where its at.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1582d ago
Turns out that Battlefield 3 is a lot like Call of Duty
Of course.

CoD is the big man on campus!!!
eak3  +   1582d ago
I completely enjoy the MW single player story. Ill pick up MW3 at some point just to finish off the story of Capt Price and Soap
0neShot  +   1582d ago
All FPS games are trying to copy COD. And this includes battlefield 3, cry me a river BF fanboys.
yuval152  +   1582d ago
The Beta was also alot like COD,really hope it won't be like that on the full game.
OcularVision  +   1582d ago
Yeah. I was disappointed by the lack of vehicles and large-scale destructible environments like BC2.
Biggest  +   1582d ago
The funny part to me is that some people are disappointed in not having them in the beta, while others are flat out ignoring the fact that they ARE in the final game. If "not indicative of the final game" ever applied, it sure as hell applies for the BF3 beta.
headings76  +   1582d ago
Nooooooo!! Really??
JBSleek  +   1582d ago
The only reason people hate on CoD is because it is mainstream. They want to go for the underdog(BF3).
MysticStrummer  +   1582d ago
I hate on CoD because it's mindless, not because it's mainstream, but I do think it's sad that CoD is mainstream simply because it's so mindless.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1582d ago
Pulled from the article: "The sniper attack on your precarious rooftop position is particularly dramatic - the boom of the enemy rifle, the slow breakdown of cover and the barely managed fear of your squad creating an atmosphere akin to most memorable moments of Full Metal Jacket or Enemy at the Gates."

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these moments don't happen in CoD campaigns; and sometimes happen in BF multiplayer. Just saying because they're are big set pieces that it doesn't make it a CoD rip-off.

Regardless I'll reserve judgement until I can get my hands on BOTH games.
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Rettom  +   1582d ago
HAHAHA I'll waste a bubble for this, I love your picture :P
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1582d ago
I would say MW1's sniper mission was ideally a similar thing. I was kinda hoping BF3 would be more like an amazing version of BF2BC, not similar to CoD, this is somewhat disappointing. And from what I played of the beta as well, it feels and plays pretty similar to CoD multiplayer. That's just my perspective though.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1582d ago
Battlefield is not like Call of Duty for 3 main reasons:

- Its tactical based gameplay is key for sucess.
- Large scale maps some w/vehicles (earth,sea and air probably).
- You need to have pacience and sharp eyes.
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Bobbytheblobby  +   1582d ago
have people even read the article itself? it doesn't talk about multiplayer at all, it's only single player.

the whole set-piece after set-piece does sound like COD.
0neShot  +   1582d ago
Don't forget why BF3 added team deathmatch as one of the multiplayer game modes, and that is to follow his greatness - king COD, fast paced infantry only action.
cyclonus007  +   1581d ago
Doesn't "set-piece after set-piece" describe every military first-person shooter ever made?

A genre that was not invented by Call of Duty, though Activision would like you to believe otherwise.
Hufandpuf  +   1582d ago
He didn't say anything bad about the sp. And I think the only people that are going to hate this are people that like single player freedom and those that hate cod. Seriously, by the way people are acting, you'd think bad company 2 had the best SP campaign of all time.
gcolley  +   1581d ago
BFBC1 did it right but no one bought it. BFBC2 played like CoD and everyone bought it.

i won't be bothering with the linear SP. it just gets old fast after dealing with real players in multiplayer.
ninjagoat  +   1582d ago
The single is is just tac on tbh dont matter much to me BF has always been about the mp and thats all im interested in ill not even play the single player tbh. Im a vet on every BF game released and played them all hard. Only thing i have not enjoyed in the beta so far is the snipers.they dont feel right tbh even on cas border.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1582d ago
The campaign seemed nothing like Call of Duty from what I've seen and played. Call of Duty is more like a Michael Bay action flick where 3 or so Spec Op's guys go around taking out armies of enemy forces. BF3 seems to me, more like a war story similar to Saving Private Ryan or Hurt Locker. It just gives me that vibe.

When I played the first half of Operation Guillotine at Eurogamer Expo, it felt like there was a war going on, rather than it being some kind of Hollywood action film.
GhettoBlasStarr  +   1582d ago
Battlefield is alot like COD, Really?? Because in BF I get killed for doing stupid shit, in COD I get killed by stupid shit.
eak3  +   1582d ago
nothing more fun than starting a map in MW2 and getting raped by noob toobs before you even know what direction your facing ... /sarcasm
blackhammer  +   1582d ago
I do care for the campaign. They really should have put their souls into it just as much as they would put it into the multiplayer. If I were to blame anyone, I'd likely blame their writers, that is, if the campaign has a very unoriginal storyline (and REMEMBER, even though the campaign is going back in time through a soldier's interrogation, the game BLACK did it years before Black Ops did).

I hope it's good enough to play, but I really hope for mod support. Still on the fence about whether or not to cancel the pre-order.
cyclonus007  +   1581d ago
BLACK was awesome. I think one of the reasons why was there was no multiplayer.

Story is more important to me than multiplayer honestly. One of the reasons is there are so many games with a multiplayer component that no one could spend weeks mastering all of them. There aren't enough hours in the day.
MaverickStar7  +   1582d ago
Sounds to me like there is lot of Medal of Honor influence in this game. I know DICE only did the multiplayer of MOH but some of the feel is there. I think constantly trying to compare and create a battle with COD is a waste. If you want to generalize , then yes these games are similar. But in reality they are two different games. you just have to be in depth about how you discuss things. I'm looking forward to both.
gcolley  +   1581d ago
EA orders. less freedom, more scripting. they justify it by saying it is more interesting or some BS like that. both games (cod and BF) will play the same campaign wise, and both will be a yawn fest. i have played too many linear FPS to be bothered anymore. walk here shoot this. how about i tell you where i want to go. if i want to come in the back way then i should be allowed. if i want to go up to the first floor of any building to get a better look, i should be able to.
MaverickStar7  +   1581d ago
To be honest I don't play FPS games for the campaign. I'm a multiplayer person, so really I play the campaign just to get the story and out of a sense of obligation because I paid for it and its there. I would like to campaigns add a bit more variety. But I don't want 20 hour story on a game thats multiplayer focused. If they pull assets away from multiplayer to make a campaign, then multi could suffer. And thats where their bread is buttered. I think the Bad Company 1 campaign was a step in the right direction. Games like Dues Ex, Batman, Assassins Creed, and Fallout is where I would go for longer and more varied campaigns. Halo, COD, Battlefield, and Gears....give me shorter, direct stories and get out of my way so I can get with the multiplayer.
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