20 things you'll never hear a Call of Duty enemy say

"The average Call of Duty goon is a garrulous little sod, but in keeping with the game's conveyor belt campaign design, he'll generally parrot the same four or five lines of dialogue. Imagine what the game would sound like if those soldiers had minds of their own, and a vocabulary to match. Actually, don't imagine. Here's a list."

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Jonty2504d ago

The first one is genius.

princejb1342504d ago

"Watch out. The bastard's using auto-aim." this is to funny
and "I just shot him five times in the head and he didn't die. Stupid host advantage." lol

narutogameking2504d ago

Battlefield 3 has auto-aim on consoles too.
It's right there in the settings.

awesomeperson2504d ago


I'm sorry, but where did prince mention Battlefield3 in his post?

princejb1342504d ago

thank you awesome person for stating that out I'm not bashing any game naruto I'm just laughing at the article

cpayne932504d ago

@Naruto I can't tell if you're trolling or just confused.

andremasonbaba2504d ago

"Oh sh*t I killed him and he spawn behind me"

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Shmotz2504d ago

"Elementary, my dear Watson. Using my built-in triangulation system, and despite thick undergrowth, fog and night time conditions, I can determine exactly where that suppressed sniper bullet came from."

I lol'd

Tanir2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


oh wait this is supposed to be funny.....hmm i suck at humor but how bout

"Ughh!!! I got jelly all over my face!!!! Hmmm Strawberry"

Tanir2504d ago

lmao everyone hates my joke.

well its true though, when u get hurt jelly splats all over their face, theen as they heal the jelly drips off and u can see again

E2S2504d ago

"That's my purse! I don't know you!"

JimboG2504d ago

Fucking awesome King of the Hill reference. You the man. BAAAGAAAHHHHHHHH

MischievousIQ2504d ago

Good one! That Bobby episode was hilarious! bubs+

s3fr2504d ago

"I can reload my guns half way through a magazine n yet have all but one completely filled magazine"

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