Top Tips To Saving Money This Holiday Season

With the Video Game season in full swing, gamers are already picking up some of this years most hotly anticipated titles. But with great titles comes a lack of money, so here are some key tips to making sure your cash stretches as far as it can this holiday season.

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SpaceFox2475d ago

My only tip: Wait for price drops/deals

It works, I didnt have the money to get the Ico & SOTC Collection, waited a few days, and boom Best Buy had it for 25 bucks.

I think they still do.

Canary2475d ago

This. 100% this.

Focus on and Steam for the best deals (in my experience). I'm getting Ace Combat AH tuesday w/ release-date delivery for only $45.

NBT912475d ago

Hell yes! I mean, no disrespect to the 3DS, it is a great and fun handheld but I feel I must use it to argue how patience is a virtue!

Launch price £219 (released in March)

How much are they sold for now in a big name retailer like GameStation? £130 for a brand new one... I mean come on, that is nearly £100 cheaper, and that money can be used to buy the good games that are now available but were not at launch too.

ATi_Elite2475d ago

Steal, shoplift, pirate, extort, and pillage!

or switch to Geico!

or even better pretend your religion prevents you from participating in Christmas and then you want have to spend a dime then wait for all the after Christmas sales to buy stuff!

JaredH2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

My tip for Canadians is wait until boxing day to buy some games because I guarantee games like Dead Island and Rage will be on sale for $40 or less.

TheLastGuardian2475d ago

Am jealous, I paid $40 since I pre ordered the ICO & SOTC Collection. It's still worth $40 to me as I'm a big Team ICO fan.

I don't need any tips for saving money. Most games coming out this holiday season don't interest me much. I'm getting the Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition and maybe 1 other game. Maybe Saint's Row: The Third, Rayman Origins or I might just save my money for 2012 PS3 and Vita games.

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Relientk772475d ago

Another tip is get your video games online/or in stores on Black Friday

I have been doing that for years

Gamestop and even local game stores have deals. One of the Gamestop deals is buy 2 used games get 1 free

NBT912475d ago

Its actually very easy to save quite a lot of money these days. Everything is so ridiculously expensive that cutting down on spending on pretty much anything can save a lot in the long run.

kma2k2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

OR just get gamefly. Ive gotten

Deus Ex
God of War: Origins Collections
Resistance 3
Dead Island
Gears of War 3
Spiderman: Edge of Time

All for $48 it cost for two month membership.

Next week im gonna get Batman: Arkham City, the next week Batlefiled 3 & the list goes on & on.

Quagmire2475d ago

Also, just wait for the GOTY edition, with ALL previous DLC bundled together with the game for a cheaper price than what was asked the day the bare game came out.

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