Review: RAGE [DeltaGamer]

John Carmack, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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Hozi2419d ago

This review felt more like the author was throwing a sissy fit. Rage may have a few hiccups but a 6.0 is way underrated.

Lich1202419d ago

Well, if you're like me you and have a fairly solid gaming rig and drop 60 dollars on a Carmack game, you definitely feel a little betrayed when its so unplayable that you want a refund. I've heard great things about this on the console, but its PC launch was worse than a "couple" of hiccups. The latest patch seems to have fixed the majority of issues so Im finally going to have a chance to check it out.

undercovrr2419d ago

If you played the PC version the score was well deserved (not including the consoles). The crashing, textures, artifacting, and generally glitchy gameplay makes what could have been a great game almost unplayable. You shouldn't jump to conclusions about the review if you haven't played the inferior version

jefet212419d ago

a 6 this guy sucks rage deserve 8 or more


Maybe he was upset there was no limited edition that came with rage diapers...
Rage is a solid 8.5 for me so far.

BrianG2419d ago

Lol, nice one.

I agree on the 8.5 to. Solid game play, smooth, very few bugs from my experience so far.

Only thing that seems to be lacking is the story. Missions all seem to start the same. The whole "gotta do something for me first" thing. I'm sure there is a more creative way to start a mission.