"Arkham City feels like an Open World Game" But is Story-Focussed - Rocksteady

GB : We have some amazing information from Batman: Arkham City for our dear readers.

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Chuk52504d ago

It also looks, and mostly likely feels like a goty.

BushLitter2504d ago

Oh definitely - All this time I felt like the front runners for GOTY would be between Portal 2, UC3, Skyrim, and maybe even Witcher 2...

But this game looks like it will blow everything out of the water. This looks to be the kind of improvement that ACII was over AC and U2 was over U:DF.

It would really have to drop the ball big time come release for it to miss out on GOTY

Tanir2504d ago

game looks great, they just have to fix the combat and it will be even better.......the very weak, Homing combat is very very bad and countering is way to easy. i mean i guess its supposed to be easy cuz batman is a beast but still makes it less fun.

tho they are def going in the right direction with this game

cyborg69712504d ago

Freeflow is awesome. Don't mess with it.

KwietStorm2504d ago

There is nothing to "fix." If you personally aren't a fan of the system, well you're probably just ninja gave to deal with it at this point.

princejb1342504d ago

nope batman is suppose to be a beast, have you ever watched the cartoon he rarely gets hit cause he is a beast like that

Tanir2504d ago

thats what i meant, thats why they made the game easy i guess.

still i'd like some control over which attacks im doing, everything else makes me play the game, but the combat has no imagination since it feels like its playing for you. just my thoughts

teedogg802504d ago

The 18th can't get here fast enough!

user8586212504d ago

less then two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

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