Battlefield 3 - MAV vs Helicopter: 1-0

DSOGaming writes: "I usually don’t like posting funny videos from various games, but this one shows why Battlefield 3 is so different from all those casual first person shooter games. Is an enemy helicopter giving you a hard time in the conquest mode of BF3? If so, just use some C4 on a MAV and take it down. Seriously, this is what differentiates BF3 from all other shooters so be sure to check it out!"

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deadpoole2541d ago

hahaaa ... that was hilarious

Criminal2541d ago

This was incredibly cool.

banjadude2541d ago

LOL, I love seeing creative kills.

PRHB HYBRiiD2541d ago

that guy laughs like beavis

eclectified2541d ago

That reminds me of the bait and switch I used to pull as commander on bf2. Uav. - supply the enemy - hit them with artillery. The most kills I got at once was about 10-12. Good times.

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