Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Does map reveal suggest game has been leaked?

Product-Reviews writes: Is this the first time that you have seen the sheer size of the Skyrim map? Considering that this map is now available on the internet, does it mean that somebody already has a full leaked copy of the game in Russia? If this is true, more leaks may be on the way and it will obviously be a huge headache for Bethesda.

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tr00p3r2503d ago

More leaks on the game is obviously good to an extent, but as a fan I'd be unhappy if some Russian has their mits on the game, what one month before release? That would be ridiculous.

Whore_Mouth2502d ago

Nothing about the map warrants the idea of Skyrim being leaked. You can go to any local Gamestop and view the map on the window as a sales ad.

padz12502d ago

Exactly, this article is talking crap.

tr00p3r2502d ago

That's why it's a rumor. ie, not confirmed. Either way, the map is out now so let's enjoy that :-)

Wintersun6162502d ago

This. ^

Seems like some bad logic to me.

aquarity2502d ago

Igromir expo was on 6-9 october in Russia. The map was given there to all who watched game presentation (same as on E3)

Canary2502d ago

No. It suggests the map has been "leaked."

And it's not like you need some heavy-handed "investigative journalism" to uncover whether or not a game is leaked. When games are leaked, it's obvious to everyone but the most casual and ignorant of gamers.

MasterCornholio2502d ago

Yeah it was leaked. I was just playing it last night and it was loads of fun.

LOL I'm just kidding. The wait is killing me.


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