blipREVIEW: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (PS3)

Gamesblip writes: “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky“... BLAT-BLAT-BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWRRRR RRRRR-KABLOOEY-BOOM! Oops, Mister Kelly fail now...

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ZILLA2325d ago

love this game,cant stop playing the demo.and the videos for tbe online look insane.

LackTrue4K2325d ago

the only thing that i was not feeling right is when ur tail gating him. i think i need more time with the demo

Twilightx72325d ago

I had a great deal of difficulty reading this review.

Hufandpuf2325d ago

I was looking forward to this game, but I felt the dogfight mechanics took a LOT of control away. Also, the flight controls felt WAY too simple. It's not bad, but it's not the ace combat I know.