How To Be Good at the Uncharted 3 beta; Sad Truth about the Game

GB : DON’T FRIGGIN' AIM. Yep, you see that L1 button there on your DualShock 3? Don’t press that. That’s not the way to play the game, instead you have to blindfire your enemies into submission.

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evrfighter2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

seriously have never seen anything so broken in a game.

and I here I was thinking Activision would be the first ones to make a multiplayer that required the use of less than 2 buttons

downwardspiral2537d ago

yeah, its been like this since uncharted 2. Just blind fire then melee.

Thatguy-3102537d ago

Don't see why ppl whine ..I mean its not like they're restricted to not blindfire..its your choice whether you want to or not..and naughty dog already stated that they wanted to make it being all strategic isn't what they're aiming for.

SCW19822537d ago

I disagree true there was blind fire and melee in 2 but not to the extent it is now in three. The sprint button makes it ridiculous as does the no stopping power they said they were going to put in. The beta was perfect but now it's garbage. This makes me so sad.

Autodidactdystopia2537d ago

I just never saw uncharted as a game to worry about the multiplayer anyway. its just the same shit rehashed again thats how all mmultiplayer is these days. Someone needs to rethink it. if it sucks then it sucks the uncharted series is all about the SP campaign. If multiplayer has to suck for them to fund a better uncharted SP then so be it.

I dont know if it does suck it just sounds like it from the comments.

MidnytRain2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )


Well, if one way of playing is vastly superior to all others, then you basically are forced to play a certain way.

JaredH2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow I thought the article would be about camping the good guns like the rpg. I did pretty good in the beta with aiming though. If this was in Uncharted 2 too I never knew about it but I'll try it once or twice in the full game.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32537d ago

Blind firing? Don't you mean, hip firing?

BattleAxe2537d ago

I've stayed out of the beta entirely just so I can enjoy the game when it gets released. It should be just plain fun without the need to care about your K/D ratio since that stat won't be in the game.

JellyJelly2537d ago

Naughty Dog should spend some more time with Epic. Learn the ropes when it comes to MP.

Tr10wn2537d ago

Thats the reason i don't want MP in a SP game they should really give all the focus to the SP and leave the MP out of this game since its broke has ****

John Kratos2537d ago


Not to try to ruin anything for you, but in the Subway Multiplayer promotion, the leaderboards still have the K/D stat. You can compare it worldwide or with your friends. I think maybe ND won't have the K/D stat on their website. But as of right now it is in the multiplayer and were only about 4 weeks till release.

Azmacna2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

it's called a BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't people get it? you're supposed to mention it to Sony so they can correct it. that's why it's called a BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's about time Sony stopped handing these out to the general public to test and just gave them to a select few. and i mean that because i'm really tired of people totally missing the point in a


killerhog2537d ago

Isn't that halo, cod, gears, as well? Hip-fire and if opposition is close melee? It's a strategy I use at times as well. I only scope if far away which is what I did in uc2 and uc3 beta.

chainer30002537d ago

I'll still pick you off with the dragoon or m4. pistol/sprint/melee combo is great, but a good player can counter with the same thing and keep your k:d at 1:1.

I personally am more upset with how much more often I tied in melee fights

Dee_912537d ago

Everybody just blind fire and get pwnd by me while im aiming down my sights like ive been doing to u noobs since uc2

seriously what is this site called ? to b a

Marceles2537d ago

The pros know when to hip fire and when to aim, and when to melee, etc. There's a time and place for it all, but with the zoom upgrades and everything...hip fire will only get you so far when everyone is leveled up

ikkokucrisis2536d ago

Holy cow, that video was friggin' hilarious! 5 stars!!

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Thatguy-3102537d ago

I see no problem on how the game is right now..I enjoy a ton..just can't wait to try out the new boosters and maps on the final game ^_^ when I first played the multiplayer on the beta I was completely put off by it but as I got used to the new mechanics I got better :) now I'm usually number one ...I say just give it time to grow on you.

Sub4Dis2537d ago

what kind of gamer is okay with THAT much auto aim? and what will the game be reduced to when everyone realizes the winning strategy is "don't aim?" it's going to turn into COD (more so) with everyone just spraying and chucking nades everywhere while running in circles to confuse the auto aim as much as possible.

watching this video reminded me of the combat racing in rage.

Motorola2537d ago

I never played the earlier beta, this is my first time with the game and I think its super fun. Don't see the problem...I REALLY don't, maybe I havent played with these players yet.

RufustheKing2537d ago

well whats great about having a brain is that you can learn to play different. look at the example of the guy talking in the video, you can hear in his voice it took him a long time to learn about UC3 and even at that he will do shit when the games comes out. thank god there are people out there that are stupid without them most of us wouldn't think we were so smart. :)

MysticStrummer2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

You haven't played many games at all then. I doubt you've played UC3. OT - I don't see a problem. It's ok to have two hit melee kills, but not ok to shoot someone, then hit them, and have them die? I rarely blind/hip fire, or melee unless it's a stealth kill, and I do just fine. I hope the next gen consoles solve this whole whining problem. This has been the Whiner Generation.

hiredhelp2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

HA HA HA. Oh here we go again. Another pop at a good title thats a "BETA"
Tip for thoes of you who played this beta it may been worse than the previous. But im sure ND knows about it.
But heres a note use your heads go to naughtydog forums
And moan there that way you may get heard. like many others after all why they call it a beta for you lot to test and give feedback not moan or complain not give feed back threw right chaneels. but give bad publicity on the web hows that making the game better.

Sub4Dis2537d ago

beta = demo.

it doesn't mean it's the unpolished version. this MP leads right into the release and you get to keep your stats. i think it's a pretty safe bet at this point that what you see is what you get. there might be a buncha minor changes, but probably not anything noticeable.

mastiffchild2536d ago

No. ND have one issue in my eyes concerning MP(well outside of not having dedicated servers)and that's their mental desire to mess about with things FOREVER. U2 MP was brilliant in beta and got watered down over time but, if anything, they're CERTAIN to change it a lot if anyone moans-trust me, there's EVERY chance it'll be changed a good bit before release.

hiredhelp2536d ago

Yeh i always said about UN 2 and now 3 needing deadicated servers matchmaking getting too much now.

StraightPath2537d ago

that was a funny video :D

meluvulongtime2537d ago

Anyone that thinks it works all the time hasn't played in the beta very long. For every spray and pray player in a game there's 5 guys that will gun you down before you get even close. It's usually the noobs that don't know what to do when someone tries to run up on them. All that matters to me is that it's fun and in the past week I've had a lot of fun. So much that i got to level 35.

cr33ping_death2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

its the same BS in COD,i cant count how many times ive died by hip firing kids.

killerhog2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

So you admit you're a cod fanboy and only play cod besides the exception of uc3 beta? Cause the "hip-fire and melee if close" is in every shooter from halo to kz3 and anything in-between. I done it and seen it done in: MAG, R1-R3, kz3 (not killzone 2 although possible but very hard to do), uc2, halo, gears, bf3 beta, cods, etc..

Horny2536d ago

well is it really realistic to aim down the sights when you are 5 feet from someone. I dont think so. This reminds me of the old socom. sights are for distance shots. I dont think people run around, stop, aim down sights, then shoot at a target thats close.

cr33ping_death2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

@killer... yeah im the biggest cod fanboy, god how i love it. i play it day and night only stopping to eat and sh*t. yeah big COD fanboy /s. what i was saying is that its BS that people can kill you while hip firing more than " 5 feet" as our other friend put it. up close it doesnt bother me but being killed at a good distance in that manner is dumb.

and yes im getting Uncharted 3.

LackTrue4K2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

all this time i was aiming when playing 2!!! and i suck at it!!! but on the demo i got good, but cuz i pulled down 5 idiots in (one span) off the cliff never shot any rounds in that match!? lol.... (i pulled down 5 players online in uncharted 3)

MsclMexican2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Seriously guys

The Mp is good, its just that people exploit things like this and ruin the experience

The reason the summer beta was so good is because no one knew about this

Seriously, did anyone ever see people running and gunning in the summer beta?


But this was in the summer beta.

I know, I used it alot in close quarters (this whole thing might be my fault)

Seriously ND never screwed up, the players did(my bad)

Also ND said they are working on nerfing it

So just relax

These guys are one of the best dev's out there

Have faith in them

Also aim

I've gotten more kills playing the game the way its meant to be played than this

Seriously if you can't kill a dude half way across and not aiming running towards you then you do suck, Im sorry its the truth

Also if someones running and gunning drop a grenade

or roll under their melee

or swerve! (YOUR AGILE FOR A REASON!!!!!!!)

These mechanics exist for a reason

Ppl just dont know how to use them

Thats my two cents, Im tired of people complaining about issues that don't exist. Naughty dog made counters


kikizoo2536d ago

Campers don't like that, you have to move to win :)

by the way, when you shoot someone without L1, you are aiming ! just not zooming, like warhawk or other great 3rd personn shooter, L1 is usefull for some snipers, etc but it's ridiculous to always use it, like ridiculous game where you can't kill with precision without it....

*US ridiculous voice/video, enough said (probably a cod player)

TVippy2536d ago

Oh, so it's GamingBolt... no need to read then. You gotta state GAMING BOLT in the title so I wouldn't even click on it.

ngecenk2536d ago

for some (most) map, its not even gonna work. it works for short distance but mostly you have to see your opponent in front of you, and some maps are just too wide for that

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majdees2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I agree. It is a really sad truth :(
The question is are they gonna leave it the way it is right now??

Voiceofsoi2537d ago

ND have been really attentive when it comes to the MP. They patched the summer BETA issues within a day when enough people complained.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

gustave1542537d ago

no this is quite broken. once everyone starts doing this, ND will be forced to change it no matter what.

Dropdeadll2537d ago

its just as annoying as commando in MW2

floetry1012537d ago

I played a few hip-fire only games tonight and it's pretty damn potent. They'll need to do some serious tweaking before release day. I'm enjoying it enough to put the hours in, but they need to put a leash on some of the less strategic players.

crematory2537d ago

even they take out fast throwing grenade ,it was best solution against those blindfire players

OcularVision2537d ago

The reason he's getting kills is because not aiming allows him to move around pretty fast while his victim is aiming.

kikizoo2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

In real life, when someone is in front of you, you can't say "stop, i have to put my gun on my shoulder, to aim your head", you just aim/point your gun at him (like analog stick)

by the way, look at the xfnaboy fest here, hoping that future GOTY (can't be done on xbox) has some critics :)
they are forgetting that uncharted is GOTY without multiplayer, they don't even have to add this.