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id Software is known for making first-person shooters (if you don’t know which shooters then don’t call yourself a gamer) so they know how to handle the genre. Rage is id Software’s first original game since 2004′s Doom 3 and it’s first since it was bought by Zenimax. It certainly has a lot to prove, but is it id’s new Doom?

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majiebeast2475d ago

Impresses in what? Crashing,freezing,texture loading,half life 1 textures or the fact that they made a pc patch that actually makes the game even more unplayable? Which 1.

Horny2475d ago

While its a fun game there are issues, besides what you mentioned the design of the game and lacking a story hurt it too. Game is way overhyped just because Carmack made it.

If anybody lives in the Tampa bay area in Florida I got the game up on craiglist if you would like to trade or get it for a bit cheaper.

Boody-Bandit2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I am wondering if these people even played Rage all the way through to it's conclusion. The game graphically and presentation might be a 9 or higher but the story, game design, bugs and glitches, swapping disc problems on the 360, save issues near the end of the title and the whole 2nd part of the game feels different than the first part, make it in no way of being worthy of a 9 or higher overall.

This game feels like once id got near the end of the game they just threw it together to get completed and out to retail.

This game in it's current form is a reach to be rated a 8. I personally would give it a 7 considering how many patches this game actually to correct so many issues. One thing is for sure. They can't fix the story or the abysmal final level/ending.