Uncovering The Evil Behind Pokemon (Part 1)

Scientific brainwashing. Animal brutality. Racism?! For such an adorable game, Pokemon sure is controversial. But do the haters have a case here? This week starts a Pokemon trilogy where Game Theory looks at the complaints made against Pikachu and the gang. Is this game pro-science propaganda or have creationists been skipping their biology lessons?

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zeal0us2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I think the anime is bs sometimes
-Pikachu should be the most strongest pokemon in the series(that Ash got). He should be able to b*tchslap a pokemon and they are dead.
-Team Rocket should go catch someone else pokemon, is it really that hard?
-How old is Ash? Like freaking 20 something I could swore he as 13-15 like 10years ago.

That video was funny though lol 2 9yr olds suing nintendo wtf.

Pozzle2508d ago

"-Team Rocket should go catch someone else pokemon, is it really that hard?"

This is what bothered me the most about the Pokemon anime when I was a kid (that, and the fact that Ash was a lousy Pokemon trainer). I loved Team Rocket as characters, but I wish they had developed more depth throughout the series and perhaps had more/different goals as the series went on.

I caught a recent episode of Pokemon a few weeks ago and they are STILL trying to catch Pikachu! I mean, really?? They haven't grown or developed as characters AT ALL?! D:

Pikajew2508d ago

Meowth is more rare because he can talk