Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – Maps and Multiplayer Preview

We propose below a preview of the multiplayer and maps present in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary where you can admire the old and the new graphics of each map with a brief description.
Let's make things clear.

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Gas912260d ago

Interesting. Finally there will be decent maps!

da_2pacalypse2259d ago

YES! and 343 is going to fix the reach multiplayer! I cannot wait to relive my childhood :)

Kurt Russell2259d ago

My childhood was bolderdash and treasure island dizzy :(

ninjagoat2259d ago

I wanted all the maps from Halo CE back. Yeah a few my favs of all time are among these. But if your doinga remake you give the full package. Im gald to see the PC map inculded but not so fussed on the Halo 2 map.

morganfell2259d ago

Good to see Timberland included. We had so much fun running that on PC. And to think this is a mere month and a few days away.

da_2pacalypse2259d ago

I guess rumour is that the last map is going to be hang'em high. :)