Why cloud gaming could be a legal nightmare

BeefJack: "Cloud gaming is upon us, and on the surface the likes of OnLive seem a great idea. But there’s a chance it could present some unique legal issues to gamers and games companies alike..."

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JBSleek2389d ago

Cloud Gaming is the future of gaming I think. No more over priced consoles that need to be upgraded every 5 years. Bring on the revolution.

NnT32912389d ago

i don't see that happening in 10 years with the internet we have today, except for south korea, they have god's internet

dredgewalker2389d ago


Agreed, not to mention that if something goes wrong with your connection you're not gonna be able to play any games. We just had a storm here and it took 2 days for my internet connection to go back. Not many people too have sufficient connection speed to accommodate cloud gaming. Besides I still prefer having the physical copy of a game and I like seeing my collection grow bigger in my shelf.

SilentNegotiator2388d ago

Every 5 years? The PS3 and 360 are nearly 5/6 years old. So where is the ps4/720? Oh right, they're not releasing yet because ps3/360 are still fulfilling the needs of gamers, without laggy, compressed to death, streamed video, input lag, or paying full-price for a digital copy of a game that REQUIRES 100% full time internet connection to work.

BattleAxe2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I downloaded the Onlive Client about a week ago, and while its a pretty cool system, the resolution and the graphics are horrible. If all you have is a 5 or 6 year old office PC in your home or a Netbook, then this would be the way to go for sure, but otherwise, I'm not sure. I'm going to keep an eye on it and see how they improve the system over the next couple of years. Also, Streaming can eat up alot of Bandwidth which is currently the biggest issue Onlive has.

_Aarix_2388d ago

Bring on the bandwith caps
Bring on 30 kbs speeds
Bring on being screwed by internet providers

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Tyre2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

No, the future is what the majority makes it out to be, if people don't like it it will not happen. New technology for the sake of change and not for the benefit of the consumers is never a good thing. This tech destroys ownership and control for the consumer, with this streaming service we have no rights anymore. Don't be stupid. I don't like PC Elitists but this streaming service, will destroy the GPU/CPU market and that is worse than some trolling people. These articles are out to manipulate consumers into thinking it is inevitable, it isn't. Dedicated hardware is always better and people will always love gadgets. Music on Vinyl is still here and on the rise and Tape is also returning and getting more populair cause people beginning to dislike MP3s media with having nothing in their hands and to own.

colonel1792389d ago

It as its advantages, but the DRM and not owning the game anymore is what's killing it for me. Cloud gaming could be dangerous in the hands of a greedy company (such as Activision).

shayol33t2389d ago

I sure do love paying $60 to RENT a game. Lots of foolish things need to be fixed before we move towards cloud gaming.

Ace_Man_62389d ago

And not to mention that you NEED an internet connection all the time

trikster402389d ago

I will quit playing games if OnLive is the future. I want to own a PHYSICAL copy of my games. I collect the great games I have played. TO me, a great game is like a great book: you can pick it up at any time and play through it and enjoy it all over again.

The main reason they are trying to shove Cloud gaming down our throat is it eliminates a LOT of cost to the publisher so they can make more dough. No thanks.