Silent Hill, The End of an Era

The Game Den returns with an introduction to those OTHER Silent Hill games. You know the ones!

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Pozzle2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I pretty much agree with this whole video. While I'm willing to give Downpour a chance, I'm still pretty wary since most of the non-Team Silent SH games haven't lived up to the earlier games. That's not to say the later games were bad per se, but they seemed to exist as cash-ins that stole ideas from the movie and didn't seem to care about the Silent Hill history and lore that previous games had set up.

And lol at the random Jeff Goldblum cameo! :D

MehmetAlperTR2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

SH: DOWNPOUR's producer is a Vatra Games. Their First ( Serious Game ) is a Silent Hill Downpour. RIP SH.. Here is why ? Battle mode has got really big problem. Producers says we will use bottle glass, hammer, knife as a weapon ( no Handgun or a shotgun in the game ).. After a disaster of a SH: Homecoming ( there were spiders which are taking a guard to shotgun cells ?!?! ) ready for another one.. RIP SH.. Shame on you Konami.. (Sorry for my english. My foreign languege is not English )

fooxy2539d ago

Homecoming was a pile of dog shit, had to play it with GameFAQs guide just to avoid game breaking glitches

Tigerfist2539d ago

I've played without a guide and without encountering any game breaking glitches (if any glitches at all).

PS3 version here.

Oh and come on... The game wasn't exactly that bad. Better than Resident Evil 5 that is for sure.

Blacktric2539d ago

At least Akira Yamaoka did the music for that. So yeah...

Tigerfist2539d ago

I don't exactly agree with everything but I've found this video to be quite interesting.

pcz2539d ago

so basically, she's being a snob about the games because she is fully aware they aren't made by the same team or team members who were involved in the games she is fond of.

I'd rather play a game and judge it by its merits rather than write off the game as shit just because it didn't have an individuals input.

i thought shattered memories was great.

Tigerfist2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

No... She is commenting on the Silent Hill series before and after Team Silent disbanded, without even mentioning if the games became better or worst. She didn't even pass the judgement on the most recent titles, which will be mentioned in other upcoming videos.

She even mentioned that 1 and 2 ain't exactly their favorite SH titles.

So basically she ain't beeing a snob and you are just beeing butthurt about something that didn't even happen.

"I'd rather play a game and judge it by its merits rather than write off the game as shit just because it didn't have an individuals input."

When people ear "orange" they expect an orange and not an apple named orange. By that I mean that sometimes teams change, the games changes way too much and the name stays the same. With that in mind, judging it only on it's own merits ends up beeing a bad way of judging the game at all.

Imagine, judging the new so called "Soccer" when somebody decided to introduce spaceships and square objects to the equation...

"i thought shattered memories was great. "

Good for you. It wasn't even a cannon game and it really changed way too much about what we know as Silent Hill (gameplay/story/ambience wise, the music was about there). Not exactly one of the worst experiences out there but it sure is taking a very dangerous direction.

dennett3162539d ago

So did she, she did an LP of it. This is an introductory video, jumping in and claiming she's a snob before hearing what she has to say is both stupid and ignorant. She hasn't written them off as shit at all, watch the follow up videos when they come out and get ready to eat some crow.
For the record, the original games ARE better than the western developed titles which devolved into fan service with little meaning and weak stories. Shattered Memories is probably the best of the bunch in that regard.

banjadude2538d ago

Origins = Nothing to complain about, though I'm not that far in the game (yeah, yeah, I know I'm late to the scene).
Homecoming = very average (also, did anyone else notice, Alan Wake is similar to Alex Shepard?)
Shattered Memories = Haven't played, but watched a few segments of a walkthrough on youtube; it looks very bland, and I'm disappointed there isn't any real combat.

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