BattleField 3 Hands-On: Artificial Intelligence Analysis (GameSpy)

Mike Nelson: ''After playing the first four levels of Battlefield 3's single-player campaign it looks like I should temper my expectations and dismount the hype train. There's no denying how fantastic the Frostbite 2.0-powered visuals appear, but that's only one facet of this shooter: I'm interested in how the game's Artificial Intelligence performs under the heat of battle. Will the enemies have the IQ to flank my position, or will they charge headlong into my bullets? What happens if I play devil's advocate and ignore the objectives, how will my squad mates perform? These were the important A.I. behavioral questions I wanted to answer during a recent look at Battlefield 3's campaign. ''

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blumatt2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I hope that's one thing devs concentrate on next generation. This gen has gotten us great visuals and sound. I'm hoping for lots of great physics (destructibility) and artificial intelligence in all next generation games. My two cents.

3GenGames2539d ago

Anything they do now with the "old tech" will only transfer to next consoles easily and better. Don't say it like you can't learn something from working producing 2011 games on 2006 tech, because that helps them get better with even the next systems and they'll be able to tap even MORE power out of them.

blumatt2539d ago

Yeah, don't misunderstand me, I'm just saying I hope the enemies in our games next gen are even smarter and more cunning. More realistic even.

0neShot2538d ago

The BF3 AI should be smart enough to sink the player if he moves very slowly in the campaign or allow AI soldiers to shoot from underground.