WTF's Up with You Guys and Dark Souls (and Demon's Souls)

Dark, difficult and unforgiving, From Software​'s dungeon crawlers are also incredibly popular. Here's what makes them so appealing despite being so darn hard.

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TopDudeMan2478d ago

You know every time you die in demon's/dark souls that it was your fault. You did something stupid or you made a mistake or misjudgement. They are very fair, but unforgiving.

SageHonor2478d ago

Yup the animations are fluid. Its all about being patient and paying attention to your surroundings. And learning from your mistakes

mandf2478d ago

It also challenges different skill sets. In fps it's about reflex. Rpg's are thinking and planning. Dark Souls combine both. You can't bully your way through this. Great game if you want to see where your skills are.

BiggCMan2478d ago

"Other games try to add tension with "gotcha" scares and macabre imagery; in Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, the tension is built into the very fabric of the game itself."

This is a perfect statement. This is why games, and even recent horror movies are no longer scary. They attempt to scare you with quick moments of something jumping out at you, but it doesn't last and is only good for a quick jump. Like the sentence said, Demon's/Dark Souls have a very eerie feel to them throughout the entire games. The music and atmosphere make it that way, and that is how games should be scary.

Blacktric2478d ago

"They are very fair, but unforgiving."

So true. There are some games that drives me insanely crazy. Crazy enough to throw the controller sometimes. But neither Demon nor Dark Souls is like those. It just requires some observation and patience while most of the other games that makes me throw the controller are just plain cheap. Both Souls games are beautifully designed and I hope they make more of them without sacrificing anything.

Kran2478d ago

Try it. You'll understand then. (DUH!)

Laxman2162478d ago

Read the article. You'll understand then.

mandf2478d ago

The Pure CHALLENGE!! I'm playing with a depraved character. It made me double guess my choice a few times.

Kyosuke_Sanada2478d ago

Demon Souls was one of the few games I played this generation that actually made me walk to take in the sights and forced me to think outside of the box. I had a similar feeling when I first played Monster Hunter in the past but it never truly grabbed me at a personal level like this and to think I ran into the title by mistake.

I knew Dark Souls was going to be a vast overhaul of the previous title but what really surprised me is that nothing was changed to cater mainstream like most sequels have done back this generation then floundered in the process. It was a bold move by From Software but it looks like it's paying them off nice.

My only wish is that the rest of the series (if there is a continuation) returns to the hands of Atlus so better content outside of the game can be produced for diehard fans such as myself.

If not, as long as they manage to personify loneliness and desolation with brutal but fair gameplay to back it up consider me an eager buyer for this gem and will always have the below reaction when I pick up a new Souls' title....

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