Giantbomb: Forza Motorsport 4 Review

Giantbomb: Forza Motorsport 4 is a fantastic driving game, but the improvements over Forza 3 feel pretty incremental.

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Jdub895O2540d ago

wow....amazed by the photo of THE WORST MUSTANG in history in the photo. Im surprised way to go forza. In a good way. Makes me really want to get this game.

JellyJelly2540d ago

Me too. I actually kind of like the mustang in the pic, but my favourite is the old red/black mkII.

Jdub895O2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

yeah my favorite stang wasnt in GT5 which made me pretty pissed off, because forza 3 had mine. Im talking about the 5.0s 87-93.People say they arent popular enough which i call crap.I have an 89 5.0 and had it for years.Anyone who has one or owned one LOVES THEIR 5.0. We have our own mustang magazine which camaro still doesnt.(they might now but not sure) Still for a long time 5.0 mustang monthly has been out.Anyways my point is my car deserves to be in gt5. Its a well known american muscle car.Its alot better than half the cars in gt5 in my opinion. If you dont believe me youtube 5.0 and you will see proof why these cars are so badass.

kaveti66162540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Probably the most accurate review I've read.

I haven't played the game, but when it was being previewed, my biggest concern was that there were so few new tracks being shown.

The Bernese Alps and the Infineon [sic] raceway seemed to be 2 of only half a dozen new tracks in Forza 4. The rest of the tracks are straight from Forza 3 and don't have the same level of visual polish as the new additions.

When it comes to racing games, I love having a ton of unique and interesting tracks to race in. I know that for many others, this game is about the cars, but for me, it's a package deal.

I can get bored very easily of playing the same tracks over and over again from previous iterations.

The new lighting system makes the game a look a lot better than Forza 3, but it's just one improvement.

Giantbomb said they got the "annual sports game" vibe from Forza 4, and that makes me not want to try this game.

I'm sure it's fantastic for what it is, but I don't want to buy a game with minor improvements over its predecessor.

Another disappointing fact is that only about 25 to 30 cars can be previewed in all their glory in Autovista. I don't have all the details just yet, but does this mean that the other cars aren't as detailed? Or does it mean that the other cars simply lack Jeremy Clarkson's narration?

For those who never played Forza 3, Forza 4 is a game that would be recommended, but for the rest, who knows?

Based on how great Forza 4 looks on the 360, however, it makes me excited to see how much more realistic these games will look next-gen, and how much better the physics will be.