Some New (And Old!) Xbox Live Services to Require Gold

Giantbomb: There was some confusion about Microsoft's big entertainment news yesterday, in which Verizon, Comcast, HBO and other companies pledged to bring content to Xbox 360 in the next few months.

What content is coming over depends on the company, and there was some question about whether it would require Xbox Live Gold.

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CommonSense2507d ago

What 360 owner (that uses the system regularly) doesn't have a Gold account?

shikamaroooo2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

EDIT: miss read comment

steve30x2507d ago

@ CommonSense : I rarely have Xbox live gold. I only bought 3 months Xbox live gold last week so I could get the Forza 4 demo and the Forza 4 Season pass. I know I will get disagrees for this , but its the truth.

jay22507d ago

PMSL, well the best games console out there that's been kicked in the pants by M$ wallets, steeling exclusives, getting DLC. Money talks, but people are so stupid here, they can spend millions to hurt the competition, yet they expect you to pay twice (your net bill and xbox live) just to play online. 2 mistake M$ have made, HD DVD and Hard drive should have been in every console (Hard drive upgradable). sinking so low that games have to be shortened when your HD DVD format failed. Let's face it, blu-ray would be on the way out if M$ thought things through.

Software_Lover2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


-HD-DVD wasn't Microsofts. Yes it was stupid for them to make the external drives, but that was more of a Toshiba bribe. Microsoft had nothing to lose.

-yes they should have put an HDD in every console

-sony hurt themselves by making the ps3 harder to develop for. The only thing that matters to these companies and publishers is the bottom line. If Microsoft/Sony is willing to pay some of the dev costs for a game to help a dev out because of the cost of hiring more engineers and a bigger team to work on the ps3 I say more power to them. Sony does it by buying studios and moving resources. Microsoft does it by taking care of some of the bill in exchange for the game on their console or some content.

But I agree with what you said, we just stated it differently I guess

lorianguy2507d ago

Sony has more studios and exclusives, and Microsoft has more video-wise features.

fooxy2507d ago

BBC app to be free, I say sweet !

M_Prime2507d ago

so AT&T is giving their customers FREE gold essentially.. and the customers own the 360.. yet a receiver$7 a month so is $84 a year.. even if the customers have to pay for XBOX gold, this is cheaper then a STANDARD receiver that cant play games..

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