Why Resident Evil 4 Sucks

Does Resident Evil 4 live up to the hype? No, not really.

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oldfriend862476d ago

I wouldn't say Resident Evil 4 sucks, as opposed to Resident Evil 4 isn't actually Resident Evil.

Ultimately, each is to its own, but saying that RE4 sucks as a game is going too extreme.

majdees2476d ago

RE4 is actually a great and well-made game. It's just that the fans of the series didn't expect the type of change Capcom made. After RE4, Capcom should have returned to what made the series great. Spooky camera angles and VERY little ammo hehe. To say RE4 sucks is going too far I guess...

ReservoirDog3162476d ago

Yeah RE4 was too much of a well made game to really go so far as to say it sucks on any level. It was scary enough. Probably not in a very very scary way but scary enough.

Now RE5 went overboard.

Off topic but I wonder, does anyone have gamefly? I'm looking to get it again and if someone recommends me to it under their name, they'll get $20.

Just looking to help out someone out their in n4g.

BonhamZ0S02476d ago

they let jerkoffs write articles now?

Amiz2476d ago

Welcome to game journalism.

kikizoo2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

It's not journalism, most of the time (even in well known sites) it's internet game's blogs/sites, with 0 journalists, just gamers or fanboyz, who wants to be jounalists.

mastiffchild2476d ago

True, actual journalists with training are the exception in gaming. I've actually been told by a ton of sites that I'm over qualified because, when I wasn't housebound, I was a reporter-an actual, fully trained and time served one as well! I only want something to keep my mind going mushy but I'm too damn good, supposedly. Obviously, I'm crap but they won't let me prove it!!!

Pozzle2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"I've actually been told by a ton of sites that I'm over qualified because, when I wasn't housebound, I was a reporter-an actual, fully trained and time served one as well! I only want something to keep my mind going mushy but I'm too damn good, supposedly."

A similar thing happened to me when I applied to work at EB Games. One of the first things they said when I entered the job interview room is that they aren't looking for gamers to work there, instead they're looking for people who are good at customer service.

When I told them that I had years of customer service experience and a Certificate 4 in retail, they said they still weren't interested in hiring me because someone with so much experience (in both retail and as a gamer) might intimidate people who don't know much about games. WTF!! I just wanted a job there because I'd rather be selling games than flipping burgers at McDonalds or something. Maybe I should have just told them that...They might have given me the job then :/

It's especially annoying since the people who work at the store I applied for are average sales assistants and know practically nothing about games. I had one guy try to convince me not to buy Uncharted 1 because he had never heard of it before and assumed it mustn't be a very good game, while another flat-out said he didn't understand why I would want a PS3 for anything other than watching Blu-Ray movies because I'm a girl. WTF surely I'm not the only girl who has bought a PS3 in there? :/

FalconR2892475d ago

@Pozzle-I've been in the same boat as you. I worked at game crazy for a few years and I got the job because I knew what I was talking about when it came to video games and was equally qualified in customer service, but when the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy I went and applied for a job at Gamestop. I got an interview and was told I was over qualified for the job. I said I could do the job almost better then anyone that worked there, but was told I didn't come off as a happy person. So I called the interviewer out and said this was bs never has she or anyone else come off as a happy I say hi to every one that enters the store. Long story short I was basically told f off, so I took all my money I had down on preorders which the manager wouldn't do at first and then finally told them to f this job, f this company, and f you! Never entered that store again. Sorry for the long rant but your story reminded me of mine a bit.

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Pozzle2476d ago

The whole video can basically be summed up by these two points:

1. "I miss the survival horror Resident Evil games"
2. "I think the Resident Evil Remake is a better game and an under-appreciated title in the series.

I wouldn't say these reasons mean RE4 "sucks" though. Regardless of your opinion on the series' new turn, it's still a decent game. But I will agree with his first point: I loved the look of the original tech demo and wish Capcom had at least left those scary/creepy survival-horror elements in the game (although they made a right move in getting rid of that supernatural crap that was in the early trailers). I love the updated controls, but did everything else need to be overhauled too? It would have been nice if SOME of the original survival-horror atmosphere from the previous games had remained (there was a glimpse of it in the labs with the Regenerators... but it didn't last very long).

And whichever person at Capcom thought it was a good idea to replace creepy zombies and mutated animals with angry Spaniards and giant trolls needs a kick in the pants. Pitchfork-wielding peasants screaming "I will grab you!" and "Stop you son of a bitch!" in Spanish =/= scary. :/

With that being said, I still enjoyed RE4. But I do hope RE6 is more horror-oriented. Hey Capcom, you don't need to revamp EVERYTHING in the series. You are allowed to keep some of the old stuff that made he series famous!

Bathyj2476d ago

I couldnt get into RE4.

I really hate, not having a strafe command. I mean, not being able to move and shoot is bad enough but having to walk through a doorway, stop, turn and then get mauled by something was just annoying.

I know the early games had these tank controls as well, but they werent as action orientated and even then, those controls are pretty outdated now anyway.

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