IGN: Revealing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

IGN: Among the many mysteries of the Mass Effect universe, perhaps none has inspired as much curiosity as the Quarians. The race that created the Geth, they have been driven from their homeworld and exist as the Migrant Fleet.

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iXenon2471d ago

I wouldn't mind it if Tali stayed masked forever. Sometimes, it's better not to take your mask off... Kane from the WWE...

Quagmire2471d ago

IMO, to please all types of gamers, I wouldve created it so that if you wanted to see Tali's face it would be through a side-mission SEPERATE to the story, that way fans who like the mystery of Tali's face can continue throughout the story without ever having seen it.

If you DO want to see it though, you would need to work for it.

Although whats the bet the face will be leaked and spoiled by nerds on the interwebs the day it comes out.

Kyosuke_Sanada2471d ago

I have to admit, the question has buzzed in my head since the first Mass Effect and even more after making her my girlfriend in ME 2. I just hope it's something beautiful but doesn't look too human.....

f7897902471d ago

They should make it randomly generated from all the decisions you have made in the series.

TheColbertinator2471d ago

Since I'm a Renegade,she might have red eyes instead of blue.

Kyosuke_Sanada2471d ago

One with a really nice set of legs.......

John Kratos2471d ago

Shepard can be gay in 3, so maybe Tali was a stepping stone to it. Familiarity of a woman, but the chromosome make up of a man.

iamgoatman2471d ago

Sure, if you like the look of rickets on a woman.

Kyosuke_Sanada2471d ago

You may be right, now my mind is buzzing even more about the game and anime futunari for some strange reason...

Canary2471d ago

Always wanted to see the Tali romance stuff in ME2, but Manshep's voice actor is so awful compared to Femshep, I just couldn't stomache it long enough to see.

Bokan2471d ago

I don't get where the male shep voice hate is coming from.

I've played as both, thought they were both great.

I prefered the male, but that may be because it's easier for me to connect with(being male myself).

But by no means did either voice actor perform poorly.

aaronisbla2471d ago

it comes from the fact that male shep's actor delivers his lines with plainness. It always sounds as if he's reading a script, its not horrible, but its nowhere near as good as femshep's voice actress. She did an excellent job of conveying emotions moreso than male shep did

ginsunuva2471d ago

But he does it with the most skilled plainness out of any actor ever. It's pretty hard to be that monotone.

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The story is too old to be commented.