IGN: Comment Comeback: Gears of War 3

IGN: Every editor at IGN wishes he or she had the time to personally respond to every semi-sane comment from the message boards, but we don't. However, in an effort to raise the level of discourse, we've decided to pick out some of the most interesting comments from Casey Lynch's recent Gears of War 3 review and respond to them. The reviewer did not pick these comments out himself. This task fell to other IGN editors. The following are the original comments as they appeared on, with the reviewer's response thereafter. Some comments may have been edited for space, but not for content.

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floetry1012357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Haha, did any of those user comments remind people of some of the posters here? Doesn't surprise me in the slightest given IGN's community probably ranks even lower than this site in terms of rationality. I thought the reviewer answered those questions in a constructive manner.

I think everyone should take note of the first review complaint. Rarely does the same critic review every game in the series. So when they say the game is better than previous iterations, it doesn't mean they agreed with the previous reviewer, hence lower scores. There were a shocking amount of people complaining about Resistance 3 and Infamous 2 review scores for the same reason.

IGN are starting to pick up their work again. Slow but steady. The members though, dear God, kill them with fire.

gamingdroid2357d ago

I tend to like IGN reviews, but take them with a grain of salt. That said, my biggest gripe with them which was far worse before is this:

"To be clear, you're arguing about a difference of .4-5 points, which is entirely negligible and seems silly to get in a huff about."

Well, if it is silly, then why have it?!

What does it mean that a game is .4-5 higher than another?

I really think games should have a A-F grade scale and reviewed by at least 3 different reviewers with different gaming interests.

otherZinc2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

IGN is a POS.

That's the problem with IGN & other sneaky sites. Not having the same reviewers review the same genre of games. Or, reviewers not reviewing the other games in "said" series of games.
This coward format reeks of inconsistency.

The sites that get it right, rated Resistance 3 two spots lower than Gears 3, as it should be.

All of this is ok with me, Ive been playing much longer than most reviewers & can smell a pile of s*** miles away & IGN is exactly that.

I'm glad 3million day 1 buyers of Gears 3 agree with me.
And, the 350,000 day 1 buyers of Resistance 3 agree with the inconsistent reviewers at IGN & other "get paid" sites.

Now, STFU IGN & continue with your BS!

_Aarix_2356d ago

Cant believe they gave gears of war 3 such a low score. And i cant forgive that asshole who gave lost a odyssey a 7.5 when its one of the best jrpgs this generation.