AR Gamers Ready for a New Kind of 3D?

Electron Gun's Geologist talks about the latest developments in 3D handhelds and AR gaming:

"The 3DS’s slow start is coming to an end. Developers are far from neglecting the hand-held this season, as the impressive set of upcoming releases includes several 3DS titles. Among them are Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Resident Evil Revelations. Several of the upcoming titles, including Kid Icarus, feature use of the 3DS’s augmented reality (AR) technology. AR was given some attention at the 3DS’s launch because a suite of AR games came with the system, and the dearth of quality games at launch made playing around with peripherals more enticing."

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Tanir2469d ago

3d sux, it needs to stop, im sick of it in movies most of all, especially when you go to theaters and they basically force u to see it in 3d cuz they dont offer the 2d version.

then the movies 3d effects suck ontop of that.

on games its even worse, just doesnt need to be around, crap like the 3ds is even worse, completely useless 3d