Call of Duty Elite Membership to be sold on the dashboard for $49.99 or 4,000msp

Screeshots of buying Call of Duty Elite Membership from the Xbox360 dashboard

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CynicalVision2538d ago

Same as the PSN version then.

meetajhu2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Either way its Activision's shaft. The people who buy it have a worthy brain that is unused.

Noticeably_FAT2538d ago

That's pretty ignorant to say. COD Elite is basically a "season pass". Do you complain about those as well? Elite is perfect for the people that would be buying all the DLC anyway.

Nobody is forcing you or anyone to get it, hell COD games don't even have a "online pass" like Sony's games are starting to have and all of EA's games have, including Battlefield 3. EA even tries to milk people with their "season pass" for sports games, but you probably don't complain about that either.

This place needs to stop being so hypocritical.

thats_just_prime2538d ago

I do they should put this in the trash along with the seaon pass. I have to pay to buy the DLC thye can go fuck their self

egidem2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

You'd be surprised. I actually saw it yesterday while I was browsing the PS Store. It's the same price, and people already rated it (meaning they already purchased it).

If I were someone looking for something to buy, my opinion is spend money on the single player campaign of Crysis - much better game. Elite is just too overpriced, and if you are on Xbox live, the total will cost you even more.

Amazing how similar services can be found elsewhere but costing nothing at all. (A combination of Steam and Battlelog do just as well as Xbox Live and Elite, but they won't cost you $110 per year to use.)

JonahNL2538d ago

I like the fact that the premium membership allows you to obtain all the DLC for free, but in my opinion the map packs should be free.

outwar60102538d ago

im sure the conversion method ms will use for Europe is non existent they are going to charge 49.99 pounds

Blacktric2538d ago

I hate that. But at least you can buy the same amount of MS points required to buy the Elite membership cheaper (maybe even cheaper than the US codes if you're lucky).

egidem2538d ago

True...but every time they fail to undetstand that $299.99 is not the same as 299.99 euros or pounds. Plug in Microsoft's (really unnecessary) point system, and stuff ends up costing more than it should.

Blacktric2538d ago

As I said before, the points system might be confusing but in the end, it lets us European users buy content without spending too much money. Look at PSN for instance. Resident Evil 4 HD is 20 dollars in US store while it's 15 pounds in UK/Some European stores which is complete and utter bullshit. As a person living in Europe, I'm sick of paying 3-4 dollars more for a 20 dollar content when I can buy the same game on Xbox Live for 1600 MS points. And I don't have to buy those points from the Microsoft's official stores either. I can easily find trustworthy people on eBay that sells a 1600 prepaid card for much less than what Microsoft is selling. This is why I like the points system while some people hate it. Instead of paying 3-4 dollars more for the same content, I'm buying it for the same or even cheaper.

guigsy2538d ago

Each map pack costs around a tenner so it's just a case of how many map packs they're planning to bring out. If they bring out four like Black Ops then it might be worth it.

JBSleek2538d ago

Makes sense. I would advise those interested to buy the Hardened Edition to save 10 bucks.

finbars752538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Lol I'm going to say what a joke.The fact that your going to get a game that's hacked ,glitched and just plain broken day one and then you go and pay for something that should be free, you have to be out of your mind.I pay enough money on the xbox And I just can't justify spending more money on something that's just not worth it.I will stick with my PSN and BF3 which has free content and the fact battlefield battlelog is way more advanced then elite and free just makes my decision an easy one.Don't get me wrong I'm not dissing anyone who gets it I'm just seeing way more cons the pros on this one.

dark-hollow2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Come on I know that everyone here hates on cod, but COD elite is very good service that allows you to have FREE DLC across the year for 49$!!
Yep, free dlc are pretty rare this gen.

Baka-akaB2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

lol do you even listen to yourself ?

Yay free dlc ... at the price of a game ...
Liking the game is fine , and well at least part of the service is free , but come on ...

elmaton982538d ago

Is not free if you pay $50 for them you know.

JBSleek2538d ago

I find it moronic how you spend 80% of your post bashing CoD Elite just to say I'm not dissing anyone just seeing the pros and cons. Actually you aren't. You are blindly bashing CoD Elite(which is free).

Your blind hatred for CoD and Elite is actually quite funny. Have fun on BF3, maybe I'll see you up their because unlike the blind gamers I will buy both.

finbars752538d ago

How is that bashing elite?pointing out the obvious isn't bashing it's making a valid point that $50 is way over priced.Just curious are you that blind?free???? Hello it's $50 so when you decide to make a comment think about what you are saying first.When I last checked I was going to buy mwf3 myself but since you make the obvious blind gamers mistake I was commenting on the services not the game besides the glitches which is a given.Thanks for coming out though I appreciate your efforts on proving nothing more then how much of a narrow minded person you can be.

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