rawDLC: Breaking down the community rage over Rage

DLC: We take a closer look at the community rage over Rage and why it was destined to happen.

"But remember that Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, they simply set a higher standard than their competitors with the release of the iPhone; a standard that has now, arguably, been surpassed by Android-powered phones. So true is true of id when it comes to the first-person genre. id Software may have been the fathers of the beloved first-person shooter genre, but their pioneering gift to the gaming world was always destined to be improved upon by other developers. Sometimes it’s best to create something and then let other creative types run with it… just ask the George Lucas in an alternate universe who understands that very philosophy."

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Bull5hifT2416d ago

The game is effing fun and looks amazing and online co-op is great... I love this damn game on ps3

SITH2416d ago

This game was cute and all, but even on the hardest difficulty it was easy.

NachosWithCheese2416d ago

Totally agree. I'm playing on Nightmare and it's really not hard.

-PINNER-2415d ago

I'm really disappointed in Rage. Which doesn't mean I think it's a bad game, I just thought it would be a LOT better. The amount of loading in the game is absolutely ridiculous. It makes me not want to play the races because you have to load in and out of every single one. Even if you want to restart the race before it even starts, it has to reload the whole thing.

I am a huge fan of Boarderlands and thought that Rage looked like it was going to be epic. While Rage unmistakably feels similar to Borderlands, it's nowhere near the same level.

Boarderlands 5/5
Rage 3/5