Get Alan Wake for a Penny, That’s right, One cent

CG - "I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Wake. There…I said it. I mean, it had its faults, but there was some solid gameplay, not to mention, a very decent story to be had! There was a lot of build up before the game was released, and no one really thought it lived up to the hype. But I think, even with all its faults, it’s still worth a penny! Right??"

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zeal0us2327d ago

"The catch? It’s actually for the DL code….and…well…you have to pay $6.70 for shipping. "

No thx I prefer disc

TurismoGTR2327d ago

if Video Games were $20 from the start, sales would go through the sky!

they just gotta find a way how to tho. maybe stop disc production and go with cloud servers.

Tanir2327d ago

and sadly people would still buy used lol

Kamikaze1352327d ago

I wonder why they can't just email you the code after you pay

Johnny_Cojones2327d ago

They're profiting from the shipping.

Jijoro2327d ago

I got the Alan Wake DL code and Forza 3 because it came with the slim bundle nice.

MrBeatdown2327d ago

The GameFly store has it used with free shipping for $12.99. I bought a copy. It's a little scratched, but like with all GameFly store games, the case is brand new and it even includes the DLC.

ZeroChaos2327d ago

This is a disgrace, Alan Wake deserves more then this.

outwar60102327d ago

lol every game depreciates in value this was released quite some time ago if you think retailers still have the right to charge £40 for it; then that's your derogative. There are newer games now; while that may still be a good game, its not the latest one and the majority have probably already played it.

humbleopinion2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

This is actually the right thing to do: Alan Wake is such an amazingly atmospheric game that every gamer deserves to play and enjoy it - even ones who can't afford the retail price. The developers at Remedy should be flattered.

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The story is too old to be commented.