Has Naughty Dog Sold Out with new Uncharted 3 ad

CG - "It’s no secret that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the most anticipated games of the year. I myself cannot wait for it! I thoroughly enjoyed the first two games. But I was a little taken aback when I saw the new commercial for the game. For those of you that haven’t seen it, it has the main protagonist, Nathan Drake performing numerous stunts, all with a digitally added Subway drink cup in his hand…"

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Abash2502d ago

Who cares about an advertisement partnership long as its still a quality game?

And Naughty Dog isn't selling out, Sony handles these promotions and partnerships

MrBeatdown2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You may not think it's a big deal now, but wait until you see the next game... Uncharted 4: Quest for the Enchanted Hoagie.

Actually, I don't see this as a problem at all. Any developer with any kind of pride in their game isn't going to pack it with advertisements.

As for ads with game characters for TV, I'm fine with it. The way I see if, I'd much rather see video games in my ads than ads in my video games.

Pozzle2501d ago

"You may not think it's a big deal now, but wait until you see the next game... Uncharted 4: Quest for the Enchanted Hoagie."

I'd play it! :D

Parapraxis2501d ago

It's ADVERTISING, it's the job of Sony to sell out.

Can't win can they, they get criticized for not advertising their exclusives enough, and when they do, they are "selling out" give me a break.

shysun2501d ago

@Parapraxis Man you hit the nail on the head!

Why o why2501d ago

One faction calls this great marketing for x brand and selling out for y brand...go figure... When the western media is so objective and insightful its hard not to listen..........

InTheLab2501d ago

Was going to say the same...

DaThreats2502d ago

You got to be kidding me
Its just a commercial

Dante1122501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Halo 3 and Gears did it with the Mountain Dew can drinks, WoW and Everquest with energy drinks, CoD, and LIVE even has some ingame ads. Uncharted 3 with subway....SELLOUTS!!! Maybe ND should've just advertised on a can drink as well, probably still would've gotten the same tag (Sellout) though lol

@ WhiteLightning I kinda like the Subway beta more after the last patch. All I feel they need to do is make the health lower and tweak the hipfire and everyone will be happy. Seems like the main complaint.

WhiteLightning2502d ago

Thing I'm more bugged about is that the Summer Beta played better then the Subway Beta.

I mean how can you take a beta where after 3 patches you finally get it right especially when everyone agrees that it's almost perfect and go off to fix the last small bunch of problems then come back with a completely differen't multiplayer, ruining what you've finally managed to get right...............I mean wasn't the whole point of the Summer Beta to help fix the problems, why would you change it, it just made the Summer Beta look pointless overall.

smashcrashbash2501d ago

Okay we get it already. You don't like the new beta. How many times are you going to say it? People said they didn't like the Simmer beta and ND tried to fix it and didn't turn out so well. Now they are trying to adjust it.You don't have to say it a hundred times.

Believe it or not many people didn't like the Simmer beta either. You can't just expect ND to just listen to you alone. I liked the Summer beta too but some people didn't. What do you mean why did they change it and it makes the Summer beta look pointless?

I mean really do you think that if they kept the beta the way it was before that it would stop all the complaining? People would still be complaining how slow it is and how the sprinting is useless and the climbing is off and how the cover shooting is pointless.No matter what they do people will NEVER stop complaining.

I never get how everything is always wrong with UC MP but people sit down and play every broken, glitchy, unbalanced game and never ever not buy the game because of it.Its always a problem when games like R3 and UC3 need to be patched or adjusted but not a problem when some other game like Rage, Dead Island or some idiotic war shooter has to be patched from day one because of things like this.

WhiteLightning2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

"Okay we get it already. You don't like the new beta."

Me....just me, lol take a gander on the ND forums and you'll see A LOT of people upset

"Believe it or not many people didn't like the Simmer beta either"

I bet to first they didn't but after they updated it with patch 3 more people warmed up to it and said they had got it right and begged ND not to do what they did with U2's 1.5 patch.

"You don't have to say it a hundred times."

Honestly mate, I'll say it how many times I want....want to know why because it's a comment forum on a gaming news website. Please don't try to dictate how things are run, feel free to press the ignore button if you don't like what I say. Honestly people like you are the worst

We get like the beta but then again your like everyone else who likes the beta

"If we like the beta then it's perfect and now one is going to change that"

Outside_ofthe_Box2502d ago


SELL OUT- "a person who compromises his or her personal values, integrity, talent, or the like, for money or personal advancement."

Naughty Dog has not sold out. The subway sponsorship doesn't affect the quality of the game at all. Selling out is what most FPS's do when they copy CoD.

TheClown2502d ago

The subway ads and promotions aren't the problem. The problem is the Subway ads that are IN THE GAME. Like having logos on hats & clothing. Then again, another problem is having an online pass with no dedicated servers. It makes having an online pass pointless (especially for a game like Uncharted where the main focus is on single player anyways).

Abash2501d ago

Its in the online of the game so who cares? It not like you'll see a Subway in the middle of the desert in Uncharted 3. Please dont tell me you think that'll happen <_<

excited4vita2501d ago

@the clown your name suits u perfectly!!!!

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