RAGE Review for PS3 (gameson)

Id Software, the kings of the FPS, return to the genre with a dedicated single-player post-apocalyptic shooting experience aimed at recapturing the glory days. But will it work out? Toby "Triggerlegs" McCasker picked up his wingstick and headed off to battle.

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razrye2473d ago

Bit harsh. I actually enjoy playing something a bit different before the big fps come out

Nicaragua2473d ago

Not sure what you mean since Rage is an FPS.

JellyJelly2473d ago

If you'd played it you'd know it's different from other FPS games.

modesign2473d ago

retard, he didnt say it wasnt a fps, he said it was different than the "other" fps that come out soon.

Nicaragua2473d ago

@JellyJelly - i have played it and i was quite surprised that it is pretty much the same as any other FPS game. Seems just like Borderlands mixed with Doom 3 to me and i think its pretty dissapointing.

@modesign - learn to comprehend what is written and then you won't sound like a bell-end when you post a comment.

excited4vita2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

actually rage is disguised as a different fps but its basically the same corridor shooter.. having finished it i can say its not what i expected...

Horny2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

How is it different. Just because it has the racing parts? It's a combo of fallout and other fps. There is no story and you just run around being everyone's bitch errand boy. I have been playing it and wouldn't give it anything above 8/10. I'm not on Id's dick and therefore not blinded. It's still fun but has many faults.

Horny2473d ago

plus bubble just for knowing what DK is ;)

MasterCornholio2473d ago

Is it true that the PS3 version is carp compared to the 360 one. Because that's what I heard from other posters.