Characters with Character: Scissorman from Clock Tower

BT: "Ahhh October! The leaves are changing to vibrant colors, a cool breeze is blowing across your face, and the nights are getting longer and longer. October is my favorite month out of the whole year. It is also the month typically associated with the darker side of our natures, culminating in the celebration of Halloween at months end, perhaps the best holiday in existence because it’s one of the few holidays where people cut loose and have fun, in a scary sort of way.

And what better time to start a sort of thematic series for Characters with Character. While this is at best a loosely defined thematic device, I figure we might as well try to do something horror themed for the whole month. So why not kick things off with something obscure; at least to non-survival horror game fans. Let me introduce you to Scissorman, a notorious serial killer involved in the Clock Tower series of games."

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oldfriend862541d ago

I feel the Clock Tower series has been very under rated. It's a shame that not many people know just how scary they are. Well, Capcom's approach to Clock Tower 3 was a little too abstract, but the concept of someone chasing you room to room without having a means to fight back, makes the fear factor so intense.

MattS2541d ago

Good one. This game was awesome, and it was the menace of scissorman that made it so intense.

wh0am12541d ago

the original games were SUPER GOOD

never played the Capcom one though

MattS2541d ago

Clock Tower 3 was a good game by Capcom. Not quite as classic as the first two, but I thought it had a strong and compelling plot (thanks in part to the involvement of the same movie director that did Battle Royale). Worth checking out if you still have a PS2 that's working.

FlashXIII2541d ago

First Clock Tower game was easily the scariest game I've ever played. The series was extremely underrated.

AriesSiren2540d ago

i loved the clock tower series especially 3. im glad someone with taste mentioned it. some of the list compiled from game sites were just ridiculous. not even scary or horror. dead rising 2 was listed as a halloween game? really? Siren ps3 needs to be at #1 for this generation that game was scary