In Defence of Resident Evil 5

Metro: One of the most controversial sequels of modern times has come under quite a bit of stick recently, but one reader is adamant that Resident Evil 5 was a risk worth taking by Capcom.

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WhiteLightning2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I was just about to give one of my RE5 rants again then realised it was the Metro newspaper website....I can never take newspaper game/film reviewers seriously

Anyway RE5 still sucked and the risk was not worth it, they may aswell of used Sheva as a partner in a new IP. Co-op ruined RE5

elshadi2538d ago

the last good RE was 4 and that's it

icecoldfire2537d ago

it was actually the only good one made by scamcom.

Pozzle2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Its funny, I'm playing through Code Veronica X HD right now and it's clunky, it's outdated, it's cheesy as hell, it's frustrating to the point where I want to tear my hair out....and yet I'm enjoying it a lot more than I enjoyed Resident Evil 5.

I'm curious about how the RE5 development process actually went. How did the series go from creepy mansions, underground labs, and deserted zombie-filled cities to Indiana Jones temples, grass-skirt-wearing tribe zombies, and active volcanoes? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to turn Wesker into a world-destroying Bond villain and set the final battle inside an ACTIVE VOLCANO! If you had told Capcom ten years ago that is where the series would have ended up, I bet they would have laughed.

WhiteLightning2538d ago

I really want to know how it went from this

To what we now know as RE5....I mean they thought of everything first time round. Barry, Jill, Tyrants, Zombies, horror etc

and I bet if they went with their first ideas Chris, Barry and Jill would of killed Wesker together.

Pozzle2538d ago

Oh man, every time I see those concept arts, a little piece of my Resident-Evil-loving soul dies. :(

That artwork looks so much better than the final result. It still had some of the new stuff, but also kept much of the old stuff from older RE games. Tyrants, zombies, an epic boss battle in a train (similar to G-Virus and Nemesis), and more emphasis on Jill as a character. It looks like it could have been a great mix of the old RE style and the new RE style. (Not to mention Excella actually looks like a proper business woman, and not...whatever the hell she was in RE5).

sonicsidewinder2537d ago

Dude, I loved that read.

It makes me feel more bitter toward Resi 5 than I thought possible.

Some of the ideas there were fantastic!

farhsa20082537d ago

I popped in RE5 the other day and the one thing I can't complain about is the graphics which still look great, shame about the rest though!

2537d ago
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